Sunday, November 8, 2015

Doll Clothes Patterns and Organization

Simplicity patterns are on sale at Joann's today. They are five for five dollars. 

I went there early, because I really wanted the new patterns that have been put out by American Girl and Simplicity. I found out about these from Nethilia at American Girl Outsider

American Girl hasn't released any official patterns for their dolls in about twenty years, so this was very exciting. Actually, back then it was the Pleasant Company. No patterns have been released since Mattel bought American Girl.

It's also the first time that they released patterns for modern dolls. The old ones were all for historicals. You can download them for free at American Girl Playthings.

The new patterns are cute. They aren't all my style, but I am happy that they exist and hope they do well.

Today's purchase brought things to a head. I only buy patterns on sale like today, and I often buy doubles, in case I lose a pattern piece after I cut them out. I had to organize my patterns.

Now I had a drawer devoted especially to AG doll patterns! I am excited!

I have three stacks- modern patterns on the left, Disney princess in the middle and historical on the right.

I have never sewn a Disney princess doll dress, but I am ready, should I need them!

It's really nice to be organized, so patterns will stop falling out of the storage area underneath my sewing machine.

I am waiting very impatiently for Simplicity to come out with the Doctor Who cosplay patterns from Beds-n-Blankies. Sadly, they won't be released until summer 2016. I need a time machine so I can go pick up this pattern!

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