Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pleasant Company Sunbonnet: Pattern Review

In my last post, I talked about Thimbles and Acorn's 1880 Mary and Laura pattern.

The signature look that everyone associates with Laura Ingalls is the sunbonnet, right?
Naturally you need a bonnet to match the dress.

The pattern that I use is from the Pleasant Company's patterns for Kirsten. Luckily, these patterns are available for free from American Girl Playthings. Kudos to them for making this available.

These patterns don't always work great, as you can see when I tried to make Molly's pajamas.
However, the sunbonnet pattern works just fine.

Obligatory pattern piece shot.

It's pretty simple: you just sew the two brim pieces together and turn them inside out. I use fusible interface ironed to the wrong side to make them a little more sturdy. Hem the neck piece. Gather the circle and sew on the neck piece and the brim. Gather the neck piece some more and add elastic on the wrong side. Add the straps so it can be tied under the chin.

Quick and easy project!

Here is Laura wearing her new bonnet:

The view from the side:

Don't forget, this pattern is free. With little time and little cost, you can really spice up your historical doll's wardrobe. It's definitely worth trying this pattern out!

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