Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hearts for Hearts Dolls Return!

Hopefully you have noticed if you are interested that the Hearts for Hearts dolls are back!

They were discontinued for a while, but now they are being made by a new company.

Consuelo, Nahji, Shola and Tipi

Their price has gone up, and they now cost $40 each. These are such high quality dolls, that I feel they are worth the price.

Right now, only four dolls are being produced: Nahji, Dell, Consuelo and Rahel.

As of this writing, only Nahji and Rahel are being sold on Amazon for some reason, at least at the list price. They are not currently carried by Target or Toys R Us. But fear not!
Consuelo and Nahji

You can buy all four dolls on Pixie Faire. If you buy from Pixie Faire, you support a small business, you get points towards free patterns, and the doll comes with four free PDF patterns. Not bad!

I have four of the dolls. I have Tipi, Consuelo, Nahji and Shola.


Some of the dolls from the old company had their eyes turn from brown to purple. I have not had this problem.

They are all lovely dolls with soft, brushable hair, and pierced ears. One of my friends really wished that she could use Nahji's hair for a BJD, because it is so soft. Their earrings can be removed.

Their heads can be tilted in many directions, not just side to side. This gives them a lot of expression.


Their clothes also fit Fairyland Minifees, including the shoes.

I love Nahji's nose piercing and the henna design on her hand. These elements are so unique.

I love how they represent different cultures around the world! They are so pretty and educational!

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