Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vintage Doll- Walking Bride Doll

This is one of my mom's childhood dolls. She is from the 1950s. I have no idea what company made her. There are no markings on her body which would tell.

My grandmother made her dress, thus resulting in her name "the walking bride doll." She doesn't have a proper name and never has!

When you move her legs, her head turns from side to side. Her arms are connected with a rubber band, and can also be moved up and down.

I have always thought she was the most beautiful doll. Not because she is blonde, because it was hard to find dolls that WERE not blonde when I was growing up. I just adore her face.

Her eyes look blue or green, depending on the lighting. They are sleep eyes.

She is about ten inches high.

I am glad that this doll is still around to enjoy today. My grandmother was a talented seamstress and I enjoy the doll clothes that she made.
I have always wished that she had been able to teach me sewing. Her Parkinson's was too advanced by the time that I was old enough to start sewing. Still, I have been able to teach myself and I am beginning to catch up to her in skill!

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