Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our Generation Displays at Target

I have been checking out a lot of Targets lately, looking at the Our Generation selection.

One Target had twenty of the bongo drum accessory sets, another had no small accessory sets at all, but lots of the larger items. 

That Target had some really lovely glass case displays of Our Generation dolls.

 These displays are so lovely, I am sure that they will help sell dolls! It's like the American Girl stores on a smaller scale.

 I just wish that Targets would actually stock a better selection of items! I want that typewriter!

 They didn't have any of this tent, even though it was on display. It's been on my maybe list for a long time.

They had approximately twenty of this doll on clearance. I think this was an ill-advised attempt to cash in on the Frozen craze.
Her face mold looked especially weird to me.
I will keep looking for the elusive but yearned-after typewriter!


  1. My TRU has started the display cases thing as well, including a big American Girl section at the front, so it *really* looks like an American Girl store. My Target is same old same old.

    1. I need to go to TRU! There is one an hour away from me that sells American Girl dolls now.


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