Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Codes for AG Food Blind Bags

Here are some cheat codes for telling what items are in the blind bags for doll food that AG is selling.

You can see these codes stamped on the bag under the  bar code.

There are four numbers and then three letters. The letters will tell you what is in the bag!

These codes do not help you order the one that you want online, but if you are able to see the bags in the store, you can check to see what they are.

I used the codes to see what I got before I opened the bags, since you cannot return opened blind bags.

Sushi & Chopsticks - ZSC

Maple Syrup and Pancake - ZSA

Chocolate Pastry & Hot Chocolate To-Go Cup - ZSE
Sandwich and Carrots - ZSJ
Papaya & Coconut Drink - ZSH
Berries & Fruit Smoothie - ZSD
Burger and Chocolate Shake - ZSF
Popsicles - ZSB
French Fries & Strawberry Shake - ZS1
Chicken & Potato Salad - ZSG

This picture shows you where to find the code. This one is the sandwich and carrots.

I hope this helps identify your blind bag food! Happy hunting!

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