Tuesday, March 14, 2017

AG Trading Cards: Meet Felicity

This trading card shows the cover of Meet Felicity. Felicity is wearing  her classic rose garden meet dress.

The back of the card says:

"When Felicity was growing up in 1774, Williamsburg was the bustling capital of Virginia. The English flag flew above the housetops because the King of England ruled the colonies. Virginia was the largest of the 13 English colonies in America.

Williamsburg was a carefully planned city. It was elegant and orderly. The main street was wide, the buildings were set back from the streets, and the beautiful gardens were planted in patterns.

Today Colonial Williamsburg is a living history museum that you can visit all year round."

There is no trivia question.

This is interesting, because Colonial Williamsburg did various Felicity events over the years, and I think they even sold an exclusive doll sized version of Felicity's teacup, but this is one of the few times that the Pleasant Company is the one promoting Colonial Williamsburg.

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