Monday, March 27, 2017

American Girl at Toys R Us

This weekend, I went to an American Girl Boutique inside a Toys R Us for the first time.

I was kind of surprised, because I expected it to be more of a closed off area.

It was very near the front and center of the store, so it had a good location.

I took a ton of pictures, so be warned. Not all of them are great quality, either. 

This was the first look that I had at the new packaging, used here on the mix'n'match items.

Everything else was in the traditional boxes.

 The packaging itself doesn't bother me, but I thought all the mix'n'match items were pretty ugly.

The sales lady was very nice and interested in seeing the dolls that we had brought with us. Excellent customer service.

 There were lots of displays in glass cases. With the bright store lighting, it was hard to get a good picture of them.

 I loved the telescope!

The kitchen was cute, and actually smaller than I expected.

 I had to get a close up of this display. WHY did they put a leash on a cat? Someone is clearly not a cat person.

 The camper was very cute!

 I loved this little Easter basket, but I thought it was way overpriced.

I hadn't seen this popcorn popper before. I kind of want it!

The Wellie Wishers are adorable!

Two kinds of doll boxes, side by side. I think the new one is cute and will appeal to people unfamiliar with the doll line.

 I thought the fence was very clever, but thought it was weird that it is being sold with the bathtub.

 I hadn't realized that the Wellies had been made into Mega Construx figures. The $3.99 price tag for individual figures makes these the most affordable AG item in the store.

It was nice to see the AG at TRU. I wish that they had had more diverse dolls available there. I saw two Sonali molds and one Addy mold, and the other dolls were all white and primarily classic molds.

They didn't have #62 there, and she is the one I am most interested in.

I have heard that some TRUs now have Gabriela in, but this one did not. I went to Kohl's afterwards and they didn't have Tenny or Logan yet, either.

I didn't buy anything.

It was a fun visit, though!

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