Sunday, September 19, 2021

More Doll Pictures

 Here are a few more doll pictures. 

I am trying to post for Doll of Color Month most days, if not all days. I rarely have Internet access to post on Sundays currently.

Meritaten and Angelica hanging out with their dolls. there's nothing like doll friends!

I have been meaning to take a picture of Samantha's lemonade pitcher for years, ever since I found it at MCM. I used a drop of food coloring to make it look like it contains pink lemonade!

Samantha isn't a doll of color so I probably won't post this picture on IG until October.

Kanani is so beautiful this dress.

I love this T-shirt. It's so perfect for Doll of Color Month!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Exploring Wisconsin History

 I love the Wisconsin Historical Society. They have such great historical sites to visit.

I recently visited both Old World Wisconsin and Circus World, and I brought dolls to take pictures.

I took my new Kaya to Circus World. I have decided to name her Caitlin. She is probably going to get a new wig, as this one is very choppy.

Caitlin with an antique circus wagon.

Caitlin with a circus wagon wheel.

Caitlin looking at circus wagons.

I am still thinking of a personality and name for my Just Like Me 80.

Yes, sometimes I am really bad at this.

So I took her to Old World Wisconsin, thinking that we need to spend some time together to get to know each other.

She is so beautiful... and I still don't know her name.
Is there an easier way to keep glasses on an AG doll?
These kept falling off.

I thought Danielle had this problem because of her hearing aids. Now I think it must be all AG dolls that have this problem.

Anyway, I got some really good pictures, as well as loads of outtakes, so I wanted to share!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

More Doll of Color Month Pictures

 Here are a few more pictures that I have taken this month.

My Asian and Pacific Islander dolls


I didn't realize that Josefina's notebook has writing in it, in both Spanish and English. It's so special!
I really should have looked at it more closely before now.

I can't decide which picture of Josefina at her loom I like better. I wish I could have taken this picture inside, though. That would have made better sense.

They are all such pretty girls. I am loving these pictures.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Blind Bag Mystery Hobby Codes

Here are the codes for the Blind Bag Mystery Hobby packs currently available from American Girl.

I don't live close enough to a store to be able to shop in person. I have used the codes before to check what was in the bag before opening. You can't return them once they have been opened.

I think the code is the last letter printed underneath the barcode. Well, printed is the wrong word. They are sort of punched in and can be hard to read.

A- camera set

B- binoculars

C- painting

D- compass

E- plant

F- Frisbee

G- pencil case

H- measuring tape

I- tablet

J- notebook

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Elsa Disney Bound

 I haven't forgotten the series of Disney bound princess doll clothes that I was making!

Here's Elsa!

It's kind of funny that I made the Elsa dress in summer, and others, like Ariel and Moana, in winter.

I want to take pictures of the Ariel and Moana dresses on the beach, but the weather hasn't been coperating yet.

I need to do more group pictures of teh Disney bounds, too. Maybe after Doll of Color Month is over.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

A New Look for Miranda!

 I tried a new wig on Miranda. This was not intended to be her final look.

I just wanted to see her without a damaged wig.

This is a Chrissa wig.

It looks really good on her!

I am considering a different wig as her permanent one.

You can read the post about when I first found Miranda here.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Caroline's Hair

 I did a boil perm on Caroline!

I found these curlers at Goodwill for $2, so I was excited to improve Caroline's curls.

She looks so much better She still has some flyaway hairs, but her hair is set in recognizable curls.

This was so fast and easy, and such and improvement! I am really happy.

Now here's a picture of what she looked like in process.

Don't look if you don't want to see a headless doll.

More Doll Pictures

 Here are a few more doll pictures.  I am trying to post for Doll of Color Month most days, if not all days. I rarely have Internet access t...