Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Pattern Review: Lemon Bay Doll Co Vintage Dress

 I finally made a dress for my 8 inch Caring for Baby doll using the Lemon Bay Doll Co Vintage Dress pattern.

I think I have had this pattern for a couple of years. I have meant to make this FOREVER.

The pattern is very straightforward, and it comes with a lot of suggestions on how you can easily alter the pattern to make it suitable for different decades.

I wanted to make a christening gown, or one that looked like a christening gown. Just because they are pretty, not because of religious belief.

I cut a skirt 4 inches by 18 inches. Next  time, I may make it even longer!

I added inset lace on the sleeves and the skirt.

This dress is so cute!

Now I want to make lots of them, all in different colors and with different skirt lengths.

I am happy. :)

Friday, May 3, 2024

Ruby Red Fashion Friends Frieda

 I was surprised by how much I loved Ruby Red Fashion Friend Stella, but I have had my eye on Frieda for a long time!

I love her coloring and her hairdo.

I made her blouse and her skirt!

For the skirt, I just kind of eyeballed the measurements.

For the blouse, I used the Dolls at Heart Designs Analisa Top pattern. It is available on etsy.

I want to make a lot more clothes using this cute pattern!

I closed the back of the blouse with velcro, so I added an extra quarter inch to each piece on the back of the blouse to account for the fabric overlap.

I think that Frieda would be VERY cute in a Regency dress! I have so many projects that I would to sew!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

47 Keepers Dolly Duds Patterns

I first saw Keepers Dolly Duds doll clothes around 2008.

Eve was selling her beautiful creations on ebay. I was a student and could not afford any of the outfits, but they were so lovely. They were the first historical handmade doll clothes I saw that I liked as much or better than the ones made officially by American Girl.

I sent Eve a message on ebay to say how much I admired her doll clothes although I could not afford them, and she was very gracious.

It was a gift to all of us who love the historical American Girl dolls when she started making patterns, and we could make out own beautiful doll clothes. Even if you couldn't sew, there were now more sellers making these lovely outfits, so you were more likely to find something that fit your budget.

I can't remember which was the first Keeper's Dolly Duds pattern that I bought.

I have the same reaction to all of the patterns:

1) Wow, that's beautiful!

2) That looks really complicated to make.

3) I try to make the pattern and find that it is less difficult than I thought, and I too can make beautiful historical doll clothes.

I remember all too well the first doll clothes that I tried to make, at age 8, for my Ginny doll, and how far they fell short of my vision. It was more like a poncho than a beautiful dress.

With Keepers Dolly Duds, and the other wonderful doll clothes pattern makers out there, I can make the doll clothes of my dreams.

I made it my goal make all of the digital Keeper's Dolly Duds patterns for American Girls. I included ones that I had already made, and I did not include patterns sized for different dolls.

I have not yet focused on making all of the KDD patterns from Simplicity patterns. I have made some, and they are at the bottom of this post.

This project really helped me through a winter season in which I wasn't feeling well. It gave me something to focus on and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

You can see my sewing skills- and my photography ability- grow over the years.

I have listed these projects in alphabetical order, rather than chronological. 

I would like to thank Eve Coleman for all of her amazing patterns and inspiration, and Shari Fuller for continuing to publish KDD patterns after Eve's retirement!

Amy's School Jumper

Balmoral Holiday Coat


Bibbed Playsuit

Bodice Details dress

1930s Buttoned Belle

Christmas Concert

Church Tea Dress

1950s Circle Swirl Dress

Civil War dress

Classy Yoke Coat

Coat Essentials

1927 Coat and Tam

Colonial Day dress

Double Cape and Bonnet

Downtown 1920s dress

Fifties Flair 

Forties Fashion


1930s frock

1850s Girl's dress

Home room 1970s

Hooded Cloak

Isla Lass

1850s Jacket and bonnet

Jo's Writing Dress

Library Assistant

Meg's Ball Gown

Nautical Pleats

Parade Day

Pilgrim Boy

1930s Playsuit

1914 Pleated Frock

Pretty Pilgrim

Pattern Review: Lemon Bay Doll Co Vintage Dress

 I finally made a dress for my 8 inch Caring for Baby doll using the  Lemon Bay Doll Co Vintage Dress pattern . I think I have had this patt...