Thursday, January 20, 2022

Introducing Caitlin

 I never posted Caitlin!

Caitlin is a Kaya doll whom I rescued from Goodwill.

Her hair was badly chopped in the back, although it took me a while to notice how bad it was.

You can see pictures of  what she looked like when I got her in this post.

I got her a Chrissa look-alike wig. She is very happy now that she has a better haircut.

And here is a picture of her together with Mara.

She's a cutie!

Yes, I really love the Kaya mold. Kaya has such a sweet face.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Belle's Chair

 I made this chair a year ago, but I don't seem to have put it on the blog, and I keep telling people about it.

So clearly, I need to post it!

To make this chair, I measured her bottom and made a square slightly larger than her bum. 

In hindsight, I wish I had made it a bit wider. It would just look comfier, I think..

The height of the chair was taken from the length of her knee to her foot. It looks taller than it should be, but that's just the proportions of the doll.

The height of the back of the chair was the length of her rear end to her head.

A quilting ruler made all these calculations easier!

I cut out two pieces of cardboard for each piece and glued them together for strength.

Then I covered each piece in quilt batting and fabric. 

Some of the fabric pieces were sewn together to make it look neater than gluing, like the back of the chair and the armrests.

I glued everything together, and voila, a chair!

I picked out this fabric for Belle. I wanted red roses in a small scale.

I think this is actually meant to be peonies, but it looks close enough to me!

This doll does not have knees, so I made her a footstool so she can be comfy.

I put her on the chair and measured how far her feet are off the ground.

So the chair is  totally custom to her size!

I want to make a sofa for fashioned size dolls so I can display more than one at a time.

An American Girl doll sofa would be nice too, but there we run into storage issues, and it might need something stronger than hot glue to hold it together.

Maybe something that slots together and can come apart? I will think about this. I also want it to LOOK GOOD, so that might not work.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds Colonial Day Dress

 Felicity is my first American Girl doll and so very special to me.

And yet I have never sewn anything for her until now.

This is because I loved her original collection so much. And partly because I saw so many badly made handmade colonial dresses.

I have finally sewn a gown for my girl.

I used the Keepers Dolly Duds Colonial Day Dress pattern.

It was very easy to follow.

I had a specific fabric that I wanted to use, but first I made a practice dress from the pattern from this thick dark evergreen fabric that I bought secondhand. I am not sure exactly what it is, but it feels and drapes beautifully. It made a very nice dress.

It also pairs perfectly with her red cloak. I have been wanting a more every day winter dress she can wear under her cloak besides her classic blue dress. This is perfect for that.

Having made the first dress, I felt confident in cutting into the very special shimmery fabric that I was saving for a special fabric.

It's brown that turns sort of copper when it moves. It's stunning.

It's also a bit on the slippery side. As a result, I am not quite happy with how the decorative ruffled bits came out.

Maybe no one else can see the mistakes, but I can, and they are driving me mad.

This also pairs well with the cardinal cloak.

I don't blame the pattern for the problems that I had in making the decorative parts of this dress. It's all me and my lack of experience in working with certain fabrics.

Still, I think I will make a plainer version of this gown with this fabric so I don't have to stare at my mistakes.

I hope I have enough fabric after that left to make a dress for Phryne Valancy, who needs a fancy wardrobe as well.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Siblies Doll T-shirts

 I wanted to make my Siblies doll Sydney some long sleeved T-shirts for the colder weather that we are getting. 

I used the Liberty Jane Trendy T-shirt pattern and simply lengthened the sleeves.

I made two shirts this way, one plain purple shirt and one with Persian pickles.

I am please with both shirts.

I realize that the Pooh bear stuffie hides the shirts to some extent, but you get the idea. It just makes a cuter picture and more natural looking with Pooh bear!

I was, however, really disappointed when I looked closely at the doll.

I only bought her a few months ago. It looks to me like her eyes, especially her left eye, is starting to turn purple pink. It was hard to get a photograph of this, but it's visible in person.

This is a nearly new doll that has been sitting in a room with blackout curtains and has barely been exposed to direct sunlight.

It is also rather an expensive doll.

Some doll brands, like My Twinn and Hearts for Hearts, have been known to have eyes that turn purple, but it's really disappointing in such a new and expensive doll.

I am really glad that I do not own more expensive dolls from this brand, and I will not be buying any of the larger, pricier dolls that this brand makes.

It's really disappointing, and if the eyes get any worse on her, I will be contacting the company about the issue.

Friday, November 19, 2021

14 inch Plaid Doll Dress

 I am getting back to sewing doll clothes now that the weather is getting colder.

I made this pattern for the first time. It is actually a 14 inch pattern designed for Wellie Wishers.

Luckily, it fits my vintage 14 inch Arranbee doll as well, because I thought it would be just adorable on her.

The pattern is from a 2017 sew along from a blog that has been going up and down lately and is currently down, so I can't link to it.

Yeah, it only took me four years to make this pattern.

This dress is so great on her! It fit without any alteration. I was worried when I picked her up to put her on that the waist would be too small.

I made one inch pleats, and if I had made them narrower, they might be a better size for the doll, but they look okay.

I would prefer red buttons, really, but it's so hard to find buttons this size! 

This was also made from my stash, and I am really happy with it. I think the long waist looks really good on this doll.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Mattel's Heart Family

I had, as a kid, a family of brunette fashion dolls. I loved them because they were brunettes. Almost all dolls at the time were blonde.

I was passionately upset when the brunette mom disappeared, and hoped for years to find her or to be able to buy a replacement in the store. They were retired by then, though. 

The dad and the toddler boy broke, which meant that my mom made me throw them out. She wouldn't let us keep broken Barbies.

Only the toddler girl survived, and I loved her.

I have found out that they were not actually Barbies, but they were called the Heart Family and were made by Mattel.

I think this is the family that I had, but the little girl looked more brunette to me than in this picture.

Looking at the Heart Family on ebay is odd.

The African American family is adorable. I would love to have them.

I am not interested in the blonde Heart Family, either.

But some of the Heart Families are more closely related to the Addams Family.

This Heart family grandma belongs in a nightmare. I did not know she existed. I am scared now.

Why does this little toddler boy have striped hair like a skunk?

This family isn't bad at all, but the clothes that the woman and girl are wearing remind me strongly of Samantha's Christmas dress.

It looks like they had some nice accessories, which I did not have.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

And if you ever spot a brunette Heart Family in the wild, I would love to own them again someday!

Monday, November 1, 2021

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8818

 I'm trying to get back to sewing, and I wanted to start with a modern doll outfit.

I also wanted to only use fabric in my stash. 

I made a Halloween doll outfit using Simplicity pattern 8818.

This was part of the American Girl branded patterns which has now been discontinued.

I think that the current Simplicity pattern S941 is the same pattern. Link

I liked that it showed modern doll clothes that were appropriate for autumnal weather.

I made the long sleeved T-shirt, the skirt and the quilted vest.

All of these pieces were very easy to make. I only checked the directions once, to see what length to cut the elastic for the skirt waistband. It was 11 inches, the same as I guessed.

The skirt fabric really tied the outfit together. It was left over from a Halloween quilt that I made for a friend.

The quilted vest was a new thing for me to sew, but I quilt and I make doll clothes, and this combined the two.

I am pleased with the quilted vests overall, in how easy it was to make and how they look. I am just not sure that patterned fabric is a good look for  them, or that they go well with the outfit. I wish they were a bit shorter so they didn't block the skirt so much.

I might just be uncomfortable with it because it's not something I have ever worn myself.

I made all this in one day, and finished it as trick-or-treaters started to walk down the street.

I was pleased with this pattern and would make it again. Next time I think I would make the quilted vests a solid color, as that's the way I think they are usually made.

Introducing Caitlin

 I never posted Caitlin! Caitlin is a Kaya doll whom I rescued from Goodwill. Her hair was badly chopped in the back, although it took me a ...