Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Thrift Store Find: GOTY Isabelle Palmer

 I have been having some amazing American Girl luck at the thrift store lately.

I found Girl of the Year Isabelle Palmer for $30.

It was hard to resist a deal like that, when many new AG outfits cost more than that.

My mental conversation went a lot like this:

Me: I don't need more AG, especially blonde classic molds.
Goodwill: Can you resist a $35 GOTY Isabelle?
Me: No.
Goodwill: 1
Beth: 0

She is a bit TLC and was wearing nothing but her meet pants.

I changed her clothes and brushed her hair, and here she is!

I was drawn to Isabelle when she was first announced because I liked her name, and I like ballet.

However, I didn't really feel drawn to her collection, and decided that I did not need another blonde.

Fate had other ideas in mind!

I also found the clothes that she is wearing at the thrift store on a different day, apart from the sandals.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Pattern Review: Picture Day by All Dolled Up

 This is a pattern by All Dolled Up.

I do not think that the pattern is currently available for purchase: the pattern designer went out of business, came back and is now on etsy, but I did not see this pattern on etsy. The etsy shop is at this link.

I stocked up on patterns before they went out of business the first time.

This dress was inspired by a vintage 1940s picture that I saw of a dress that looked like this, in red and white. I thought, I have a pattern that looks just like this!

It was straightforward to put together. It is not lined, which feels weird to me, but there's no way to line the bodice without also lining the skirt, which would make it hang badly.

I will admit I did not read the instructions at all, because my laptop at home needs a new battery.

Kit's Beforever shoes are perfect to match with this dress!

It's a cute dress, and now I want to make it in more colors. Red is just not my favorite.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Anne Love

 There is a rumor that AG is coming out with historical twins from the 90s.

What I have seen of that collection has just made me love Anne more.

Anne is my Girl of Today from 1995. She is Girl of Today # 6.

Have you seen the original Girl of Today clothes? They are so awesome. They are all different colors and they are made of the same fabrics as real clothes. 

Anne had some fun in the snow lately. She gets to do all the things.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Removing Claudie's Painted Eyelashes

 I have removed Claudie's painted eyelashes. 

I kept her the way she comes from AG for a few months. But I really think she is cuter without the extra eyelashes, and I have no regrets.

Here she is before eyelash removal:

(the wet spot on her forehead is from a snowflake melting on her face)

And here she is after:

She is cute both ways! No judgement from me, you can keep your Claudie any way you like.

Here is my blog post on how to remove the eyelashes if you wish.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Pattern Review: KDD Classy Yoke Coat

 I thought that the Keepers Dolly Duds pattern Classy Yoke Coat and Tam are just so beautiful. 

I was kind of intimidated to sew this. 

Luckily, it was much easier to sew than I anticipated!

The hat especially was easy to make. It uses 16 identical pattern pieces- 8 for the outside and 8 for the lining- and voila! you have a hat!

My Just Like You 44, Zia is my model here. She is beautiful!

I even did- gulp- real buttonholes, you could add hook and loop tape instead if you prefer.

I know I am going to be dressing my dolls in this coat every winter. I am very happy with it.

I might be on a not-very-secret mission to eventually sew all Keepers Dolly Duds patterns. I am so pleased to have tackled this pattern!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat

 This is not my first time making the Liberty Jane Oxford square coat. 

You can see the first one that I sewed in this blog post.

I thoughtfully left myself a note on the pattern pieces to add about half an inch to the front of the coat so that is can close.

This came in super handy when I made this pattern again. I also added hook and loop tape so that the front of the coat can fasten that way.

Jess is my model, and she is beautiful as always.

I am really happy with this coat. I feel like the black and white herringbone fabric gives it a classy and realistic look.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

123 Mulberry Street Drop Waist Pocket Tee Dress: Pattern Review

 I wanted to make more cute new clothes in a modern style.

I was happy to try the 123 Mulberry Street Drop Waist Pocket Tee.

The cutest part about this pattern is the pockets set into the skirt. I love realism like this in doll clothes.

For the first dress I made with this pattern, I was using a plain blue T-shirt. I wanted to accentuate the cutest part of the dress, the pockets. So I used scraps in a contrasting pattern for the backs of the pocket, to make them more visible, and to hem the sleeves.

Evette learns to sew and to reuse clothes in her books, so this outfit is perfect for her!

For the next two, I made the sleeves wrist length. My dolls like staying warm in winter too.

I love this dress for Saige because the hot air balloon pattern is so perfect for her. 

This was was more difficult to sew just because the fabric was more slippery. Still cute.

My CYO Danielle is the model here, and I think she looks like a librarian in this outfit.

I really like this pattern.

Thrift Store Find: GOTY Isabelle Palmer

 I have been having some amazing American Girl luck at the thrift store lately. I found Girl of the Year Isabelle Palmer for $30. It was har...