Saturday, November 26, 2022

Halloween Clothes

 I swear I made these Halloween dresses in time for Halloween. I posted them on Instagram and forgot to put them on the blog!

I was inspired by someone else's sewing project to want to make some long sleeve Halloween dresses.

This fabric was the best doll scaled Halloween fabric that they had. I paid $2.50 for a half yard and made two dresses out of it. So much better than AG prices!

I used 123 Mulberry Street Baby Doll dress pattern yet again. It's so easy and it has long sleeves, that makes it tempting.

I think I may have made the skirts a little too long and I am tempted to shorten them.

I am also tempted to add a belt or something a jazz it up a bit.

I made the leggings out of a T-shirt and a Simplicity pattern.

So not my favorite project ever, but quick and satisfying.

Jess and Zia are still wearing these dresses. I need to change their clothes.

I made the tiny books too. They are The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch and Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel. I do love tiny books.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

1920s Frock

 I had this scrap of fancy fabric, and I wanted to make a basic 1920s dress that would be fancy from the fabric used, not from the pattern.

I used some of the pattern pieces from the Keepers Dolly Duds Nautical Pleats pattern for the bodice and sleeves, and for the length of the dress.

I made my own Peter Pan collar pattern to go with it.

I added a black velvet Peter Pan collar and sleeve cuffs.

I am happy with it. I feel like it's something a girl could reasonably wear to a jazz concert with her parents in the 1920s.

Both Phryne Valancy and Claudie got to try it on.

Who do you think looks better in it?

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Hawaiian Quilt for Nanea

 I made a Hawaiian quilt!

I have always loved Hawaiian quilts, but I never thought I would make one, they are so intricate.

The Connecting Threads website sold these pre-made 16 inch appliques for quilts.

I ironed it onto a background, stitched around it, and voila! A stunning quilt!

I love it, and I plan to make more in different designs.

These appliques are made by Aloha Quilt Designs, and can be found here.

They are Nanea approved, and the perfect size for a doll quilt!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pattern Review: KDD Nautical Pleats

 I made the Keeper Dolly Duds Nautical Pleats pattern. I was already planning a different 1920s sailor dress when this pattern was released, but this is the one I made first.

I have to admit, it took me months to finish this one. I made the top, and pleated half the skirt, and took a break. I left the half-pleated skirt under some cookbooks for the pleats to get really set in.

Then the whole project sat all summer. Finally, I finished the other half of the pleats, couldn't find the top, panicked, found it again, and finally finished it.

I still haven't added the bow on the front. I am just going to make it out of ribbon. That's one reason why I went with blue and white. Also I just like the classic look.

I am still not totally happy with the pleats, but I was using a very slippery fabric that I got at a yard sale. I am not even sure what it is. Presumably this might work better in cotton.

I want to make one of these for Claudie, anyway. This dress is for Phryne Valancy. Claudie will probably get to try it on, though.

So hopefully next time will go better!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Meet Claudie

 I got Claudie! I ordered her on release day, but it took me a while to take pictures and longer to post them.

Claudie is really adorable. I love her sweet face mold.

I am glad that there is a new African American historical, and that there is a 1920s historical.

I love her meet hat, I had one like it, minus the ribbon, in college. I still have it, actually.

Addy was happy to welcome her.. Addy is like a protective big sister to Claudie, even if they are from different eras.

I wish that Claudie's book hadn't ended on a cliffhanger, with unresolved issues. I thought that was silly, since it's not a thriller or anything.

I love Claudie's meet outfit, and I like that her black Mary Janes will go well with other dresses.

I am going to remove her painted eyelashes eventually, but I wanted to enjoy her as is first.

I strongly recommend Claudie if you are thinking of getting her!

Friday, September 30, 2022

Tiffany Aching Dress

 Tiffany Aching is a teenage witch in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

I have a friend who has an AG doll who is Tiffany Aching.

I wanted to make her a dress.

Tiffany is a farm girl who wears hand-me-downs from her older sisters that are blue or green.

I decided to use Kirsten's patterns. I actually used the bodice for the birthday dress and the sleeves and skirt from the school dress.

Tiffany's dress was let in and let out a lot, so I particularly wanted the tucks in the skirt.

I also ended up using several different colors of threads, which I think was true to the spirit of a dress that has been adjusted several times for multiple owners.

Tiffany has brown eyes and brown hair, and my Truly Me 28, Amelia, got to model.

Kirsten also got to try the dress on since it came from her patterns. The color really matched her eyes.

I also made mini books of the original five Tiffany Aching books by Terry Pratchett. I also made several books that were mentioned in the series that were owned by Tiffany, her family or friends.

Sometimes I am more creative in crafting for other people than for myself. It makes me happy.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pattern Review: 123 Mulberry Street Cowl Neck Sweater

 I made the Cowl Neck Sweater by 123 Mulberry Street.

It was very easy to do. I was half blinded by a headache, so I wanted an easy project.

Even with the headache, this came together in less than an hour.

There are only four pattern pieces.

The only fault with the pattern is that the sleeves are not symmetrical, and the pattern pieces did not indicate which side should be sewn to the front or the back. I could figure this out by looking at it, but a beginning sewer might not.

I used purple because it was the most fall-like and sweater-like fabric I could find.

I think Maritza looks great in it. She should be a witch for Halloween.

I also made the tiny books.

I am looking forward to the release of the third book in the Scholomance series, The Golden Enclaves. It has been released, but my library doesn't have it yet.

Obviously, I didn't add the eyelets. That would be a new skill that I didn't feel like doing. It's a cute sweater without them.

Halloween Clothes

 I swear I made these Halloween dresses in time for Halloween. I posted them on Instagram and forgot to put them on the blog! I was inspired...