Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8072

I found this very cute turquoise, hot pink, dark blue and white fabric at Joann's.

It has tiny kitties all over it, perfect for doll clothes.

And it just screamed "1950s" at me.

I made several different dresses from this fabric.

This first one that I made is from Simplicity 8072.

This was a very easy dress to make, and it's very cute.

I don't always like clothes that reveal the cloth body of an AG doll, but I think this one is cute enough to make up for it.

Violet is wearing Maryellen's crinoline underneath this dress, and the skirt looks so lovely and poofy.

This fabric also looks cute with the pink and white saddle shoes that I got off of ebay.

The pattern called for ribbon, I think, for the bottom stripe along the bottom of the dress. Or maybe it was for the belt. Anyway.
Buying ribbon would add to the cost of making the dress, and also it might be hard to find a perfect color match.

Instead, I just made my own, using the same pick fabric I used in the rest of the dress for a perfect match.

I am very happy with this dress and would recommend the pattern.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Simplicity American Girl patterns

It has been confirmed that Simplicity has ended its partnership with the American Girl Company and will not be producing any more of these patterns.

If you want any of the patterns, get them while you can.

I am glad that I have doubles of all of the patterns, just in case I lose one of the tiny pattern pieces.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Felicity and Penny

Felicity and Penny are happy for spring weather! It means that they can go for longer rides outside.

I drooled over this dress of Felicity's as a kid, and I was able to obtain it by dint of careful saving.

Since I still use the dress, it was worth it!

Lissie looks very intent in this picture! I think she is urging Penny to a gallop!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Addy's Dress and Sewing Set

This dress is from the limited edition Addy's Dress and Sewing Set in 2015.

I am only showing the dress in this post.

I got this because I particularly thought it was a pretty dress and apron. I liked the colors.

I was also sucked in by the sewing set. I like to sew, so tiny sewing supplies are pretty cool.

Addy is proud to show off her dress. It's a nice spring-y dress.

 The ribbon trim goes all the way around the apron, which is a nice gesture.

And the view straight on.

The only thing I can criticize in this dress is that the plaid does not line up very well, but you can't tell with the apron on over it.

The boots are part of the set, and they are very nice too.

Overall,  I think this was a very nice outfit. Job well done, AG.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Tis the Season Part Dress

I have been wanting a fancy red dress for Meritaten.

When the Tis the Season Party Dress came on sale, I snapped it up.

For those unfamiliar, Meritaten is a Cecile custom, and in my house, she wears All the Fancy Things.

This is a very fancy dress.

To me, there is nothing that makes this dress specially Christmassy, except the colors. It's even short sleeved!

There is no reason you couldn't wear this to the ballet or the opera year round.

It came with snowflake shoes and a matching purse that do not really match the dress.

I put those aside.

I also ignored the bejeweled red headband.

I put some black flats on her instead.

I like this dress. I like the velvet, pleated skirt, the jewels on the bodice, and the sort of draped fabric on the bodice.

I am quite pleased with this addition to the collection, especially at sale price.

AG does need to make some green Christmas dresses, though. Just for a change of pace.

Monday, May 13, 2019


This post is just an excuse to show off my newly restored Samantha, in her birthday dress.

I drooled over this dress so hard as a kid. I loved it so much.

Funnily, though, it is not giving me the same warm fuzzy feelings as dressing her in her nightgown did.

Regardless, she is a pretty girl!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nanea in the Snow

I know it is MAY, but these pictures are not actually that old.

We had a late snow and I rushed out to get pictures of Nanea in her new snow suit.

I bet she is visiting her father's family on the mainland when she sees this snow!

She looks so cute!

It was super hard to get her hair into that hoodie, though!

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