Monday, June 22, 2015

Zombie Dolls- the fine art of doll restoration

Warning: there are no actual zombies in this post.

There are, however, nude dolls in pieces.

Saturday was my first time experiencing doll restoration, under the extremely friendly guidance of mcooper.

I wanted to document the process to help others. I didn't get as many photos as I should have, and I don't necessarily know all of the technical terms. But here goes!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

American Girl Kaya

American Girl Kaya'aton'my has a place of pride in my collection- she is the only impulse doll purchase I have ever made. I always buy dolls that I have been thinking of for some time.

However, when I was on ebay looking at Addy, I saw this Kaya at a great price, who had an especially sweet expression. I fell in love.

I definitely don't regret my impulse buy. Kaya has such a special look- very sweet and serene.

One of my friends hates dolls that have teeth, so Kaya is the only AG doll that she likes.

As girls, my sister and I wanted a Native American American Girl doll so badly that we designed our own. Mine was named Anne, and hers was named Meg. They belong to the Cherokee Nation.

Anne and Meg were the second American Girl doll for both of us. I still have them both. They are glad to have another Native American Friend to hang out with!

Kaya is the eighth historical American Girl doll. She belongs to the Nimiipuu, also called Nez Pierce. I wish she had been released earlier! My sister and I would have loved playing with her.

My Kaya retains her back story from American Girl, but she likes wearing modern clothes too. Sometimes she wears clothes from other eras.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hanging out!

Mcooper (from Up to My Eyeballs in Dolls) and I got together again!  I got to meet all her pretty dolls! She has an amazing collection. You should go to her blog and check it out!

Here are Samantha, Jess and Kaya doing a "Rub-a-dub-dub. three men in a tub" impression.

Mcooper very kindly taught me how to replace the elastic on dolls. My Samantha got all new elastic, and Kaya and Jess got new elastic on one leg each. It was much easier than I expected! I feel so productive now!

Samantha was in particularly bad shape, so I am grateful that now she can stand upright- although she refuses to do so unless she has shoes on. Silly girl.

Mcooper also did new hairstyles on Kaya and Jess. Kaya is rocking a 'do from the Lord of the Rings! And Jess' hair is so summery and perfect, I may never change it.

It was an awesome day!

Here are my gang and her two boys:

Yes, I go out of my way to tease Zelda by taking pictures of Daken.

Here are some more pics of the girls with their new 'dos:

I am so lucky to have such a talented doll friend nearby! I really enjoy being able to talk dolly gossip about upcoming releases and more.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Dress For River

I don't know why I find this size of doll so hard to sew for, I swear that the tiny Ai doll dresses are easier.

But anyway, here is a new dress for River! She can't resist dancing in it!

I used a Barbie dress pattern, and while it could use a few minor adjustments, it works overall.

The most important changes that I would make are moving the darts for the bust up and making them a bit smaller, and making the waist just a bit wider, like a quarter of an inch.

I did take in the seam under the armpits a bit also. The dress was too narrow at the waist but baggy on the top. 

This dress was something of a test- some day I would like to create outfits for her that are duplicates of those on Doctor Who.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

American Girl Mini Dolls

I was the target age for American Girl mini dolls when they were first released. They were targeted as dolls for your dolls.

I loved this idea, and my very spoiled Anne had her own American Girl dolls as soon as I could save up for them.

Of the original five minis, I do not have Molly or Josefina. I dislike Molly, and I do no like the mini Josefina.

The original minis have wigs and inset eyes, usually called glass eyes in the fandom. even though they are plastic.

Cute little Addy. She even has tiny earrings.

No one ever take pictures of Addy's hairstyle from the back. I wish they would.

Close- up of her tiny shoes!

Mini Samantha. The faces of these minis remind me of chipmunks, in a very cute way.

Mini Kirsten.

Mini Kirsten on the prairie!

The laces won't stay tied.

Mini Felicity. The elastic in her hair broke, and the soles of her shoes could use a spot of glue. but I am proud that I have not lost a shoe. They fall off constantly.
The ruffle at her neck and sleeves is way too big.

The American Girl minis have changed greatly since these came out, but I still prefer these.
 I think they are cute. 
I have some newer ones too, which I will share in due course.

These minis are exactly six inches tall. The new ones are even taller.

They are a good size to be big sisters to the Ai dolls! Sort of. Look how motherly Addy is!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Patience is one of the dolls that made me break my collecting-only-American-Girls rule.

She is an articulated doll made by Wilde Imagination, a branch of the Tonner Company.

She has an oversized head and flirty eyes. What does that mean? Her eyes move from side to side on their own! It is really fun. Sometimes they get a bit cross- eyed, haha.

My first Patience was Alice, or Wonderland Patience. I am a DORK when it comes to Alice in Wonderland.  Not the Disney movie, though.

Patience dolls, as it turns out, are like potato chips, and Alice soon had a friend. I will save her for another post.

I love Patience's sweet, innocent look. She has very impressive poseability, and she stands very well on her own.

Unfortunately, she is currently sold out at the Wilde Imagination website. I do not know if she is discontinued or not. Since all the dolls were sold out in a huge sale, it would seem that they are.
However, Robert Tonner hinted to someone that there will be more Patience dolls in the future! I really hope this is the case.
I would like to see more racial diversity in the line, and more face molds. That is my only complaint with it.

I will also admit that Alice's very styled and gelled curls scare me- I am afraid I will wreck it. She has rooted hair. At first I disliked the reverse widow's peak, but it has grown on me. Now I think it is quirky and fun.

Fingers crossed for more Patience in the future!

Friday, June 12, 2015

June Mini Quilt-a-Long

I went away on a teeny vacation, and did not get any doll pictures.

But now I am back!

Here are the June blocks for the mini quilt-a-long.

One is my old friend the Friendship Star, and the other is the Prairie Queen.

I just can't believe it is the middle of June already! Time is flying by.

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