Sunday, November 20, 2016

Girl Scouts, Growing Strong!

One of my dear friends just sent me this off-brand Girl Scout Juniors uniform.

I am so excited! I already had the official American Girl Juniors uniform. Now I can have a Girl Scout troop of two!

It looks so cute on Ellie!
The tab is held on with velcro over a white fabric tab sewn onto the shirt, so you can remove the tab and use it with another outfit.
The shoes did not come with it, they are Kit's.
I think some of the the insignia on the sash are in the wrong order (on the bottom half), but I haven't read a Girl Scout manual in a few years. Maybe it changed.
The skirt even has pockets!

I think she's prepared. For what? Anything!

My friend bought this off of Amazon, and the packaging said Emily Rose.

I think this is a great outfit, and am so pleased to own it!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet Ellie!

Meet Ellie, short for Elena. I really thought about giving her a Chinese or Korean name, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't pronounce it right, and my hearing loss makes it hard for me to learn pronunciations.

I am so happy with her! She came wearing this all-blue outfit (I added the shoes) and I am a sucker for dolls dressed in blue. She has the newer style of bangs. That makes me happy, because Anne has pie bangs, and this differentiates them in addition to their mold.
She has a dot under one eye, and I am calling it a birth mark.

Her hair is a little dry, but I will fix that as soon as I find my braid spray. I like the wave that her hair has. I love her!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Renaissance dress, part 2

I finally finished reworking this skirt so that it fits better! What a big relief!

You can see my post about sewing this outfit here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Election Day!

Happy Election Day!
Everyone who qualifies, get out there and vote!

Here are some pictures of a new doll quilt I made with 1930s repro fabrics. Very American!

Zia likes the quilt!

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