Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pattern Review: Thimbles and Acorns 1960s Wrap Dress

Thimbles and Acorns has a new historical pattern, the 1960s 1, 2, 3 Wrap Dress.

This pattern is timely in more way than one. First, American Girl will be releasing 1960s historical Melody Ellison this summer. Secondly, Simplicity just released a pattern like this for adults, so it seems to be on trend for human fashions as well.

I bought the Simplicity pattern for my sister, who is learning to sew and loves vintage clothes. When I showed the pattern to my best friend, I joked that she could have a wedding dress that is a wrap dress, and it would be a great conversation piece. She already had her wedding dress, but she said that she would have been interested otherwise. And then she asked me to make a wedding wrap dress for her doll Kit.

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