Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New American Girl mini dolls!

I love the American Girl mini dolls.

I was just reflecting that I have most of the ones I care to get.

(No Molly or Julie, but most of the others.)

AG must have heard my thought waves and laughed.

Today there is a pre-sale on the AG website for members on "Smart Girl Guide Kits" on topics such as "Digital World."

They are pricey at $45, and not interesting to me, as I don't have a kid.


Each kit come with "choice of mini doll" and the mini dolls in the photos are mini Truly Me dolls.

This is new!

This is exciting!

There are six mini dolls shown.

I hope that there are more and I hope that they are available outside of these smart girl kits.

I wonder if the clothes they are wearing are a new TM meet outfit?

I am guessing this doll is a Sonali mold.
 This looks a lot like mini Nanea to me.

Are they releasing a TM doll with the Nanea mold, or it it meant to be the Jess mold?

This is a Josefina mold, I think. She looks a lot like Blaire.

 Classic mold.
Classic mold.

I hope they are making lots of different new minis!

But that would be expensive to produce. Maybe it is just these six.
We will see!

But I hope that they do make racially diverse ones.

I am guessing Josefina mold? Or maybe Sonali. I can't really see well enough.

One of my friends thinks that they are deliberately not copying existing TM dolls, so that people won't be upset that they didn't copy all of them.

That sounds like a sound idea to me.

I am happy to see new doll ideas, but I do want a mini Jess mold!

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