Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Thrift Store Find: Just Like You 12

 I scored at the thrift store!

Last week they has a Just Like You #12 on sale for $50. I made heart eyes at her, but left her there because she didn't add much diversity to my collection.

I already have Tenney, who also has blonde hair and brown eyes.

This week, she got marked down to $25, which I couldn't pass up.

As soon as I got her out in the parking lot, I apologized to her for leaving her there for a week.

Judging from her outfit, she's from 2002- 2004.

She needed a lot of cleaning, both her limbs and her clothes. This picture is actually before she was cleaned up, but after I brushed her hair. The marks are small and only noticeable close up.

I scrubbed her with a magic eraser and washed her clothes with OxyClean. They are drying now.

She has one mark on her leg that I can't get off with magic eraser. I will try using zit cream to take it off.

She also needs her legs restrung.

I am going to call her Rachel.

She came into my life just in time for Valentine's Day. I loved pre-loved dolls, and I am happy to give Rachel a new home.

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