Sunday, July 11, 2021

Two Consuelos

 Here's a comparison of my two Hearts for Hearts Consuelo dolls.

The one on the left with the purple eyes was a recent thrift store find. The one on the right I bought new in box from Toys R Us when the line was being discontinued for the first time.

The thrift store one cleaned up nicely. Her hair brushed out and is gorgeous. Her eyes, obviously, are still purple. I was not able to get all the scuffs off her face with Magic Eraser. If I ever buy fine-grain sandpaper, I will try that.

It's really interesting because they were both made by the same company that first produced these dolls. The thrift store doll would have been one of the first ones made by this company, and the Toys R Us doll one of the last.

I feel like there are subtle differences in the face paint. Combined with the difference in eye color, it gives them different personalities in their faces. 

I am not ruling out that I may customize thrift store Consuelo, but right now I enjoy both of the dolls as they are.

Friday, July 9, 2021

A Busy Summer

 July is always a challenging month for me to take doll pictures and post n the blog, due to visiting family members.

All the same, summer is going by way too fast for me.

The only doll thing that I have done lately is make three more Fourth of July dresses from the Liberty Jane Peplum Top pattern.

I didn't take any new pictures, because they were identical to ones I already made and shared on here. Plus, I was in a hurry to get them mailed before the holiday.

These were for the granddaughter of my mom's friend, and I just wanted her to have some Fourth of July dresses. She has an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll named Mary that she is devoted to. I am a sucker for little girls who love their dolls.

I hope to have more doll content to share in August, if not sooner!

More Doll Pictures

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