Friday, July 15, 2022

MCM Sale Report 2022

 Yesterday was the start of the Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale. It is ongoing though Sunday.

This is the third online sale.

It's never started on a Thursday before, but this worked for me for having a better Internet connection.

I logged in at the start of the sale at 10 am.

I decided not to try for any Create Your Own dolls. There were only 263 of these and I knew competition would be high.

 First I checked to see if there were any 35th Anniversary Felicity dolls. There weren't.

Then I went to the World By Us section and tried to buy Evette. She sold out while I was trying to check out. It must have been in the first five minutes or so.

I went back and made about three separate purchases, trying to keep my finds from selling out.

I got dolls: Maritza and Makena. Martiza was not listed in the World By Us section. I found her in the All Items section.

I also bought several doll outfits: Explore the Outdoors Outfit, the Everyday Accessories with an orange hoodie, Dream Pajamas with a hot air balloon on it (for my Saige), and the Wellie Wishers Frosty Fun Outfit.

The items I wanted most that got away were Evette and a set of pumpkin pie.

There were no technical problems, which was very nice.

Overall, it was a good experience. I look forward to picking up my purchases in a couple of weeks.

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