Sunday, January 31, 2021

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds Civil War Dress

 My Addy has a very nice wardrobe, but she needs more clothes with long sleeves.

Winter is long and cold!

I was very happy to make the Keepers Dolly Duds Civil War Dress.

This dress looks so lush and complicated.

It is a one piece dress, but it looks like it is made of two or three different pieces.

The dress was actually easy to sew. It takes a lot of steps, but everything came together beautifully.

I would say the most difficult part for me was the sleeve cuffs. It just needed patience.

I am really happy with this dress. I want to make it in lots of different colors!

I think Addy is happy too.

I will also make the apron some day.

I would definitely recommend this pattern for sewing for Addy.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat

 I made another version of the Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat

I was so pleased with how quickly and easily it came together the first time.

You can read that review here.

This time, I added some velcro so that it stays closed in the front if desired.

Once again, this pattern did not disappoint.

The coat is almost as long as the 123 Mulberry Street Baby Doll dress!

It was actually snowing when I took this picture. If you look hard, you can see the falling snow flakes.

I think Zia was happy to have a warm coat on!

This coat is on its way to be a little girl's birthday present. She says that her doll Mary has the same birthday that she has, so her grandma is going to write "To Mary" on the birthday present package.

That'll be so cute!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Eden Ava Couture 1930s Vintage Dress

 The Eden Ava 1930s Vintage Dress was one of the first patterns that I sewed. I keep coming back to it.

I think this is the first time that I sewed it here.

It's an easy and fast dress that looks good and doesn't use a lot of fabric.

I seem to have not put all the different variations that I made of this pattern on the blog.

Anyway, here is my latest rendition of this pattern.

Fast, easy, simple.

I am happy with it, and it is on its way to make a little girl happy.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Liberty Jane Peplum Dress

 This is the second time that I have made the Liberty Jane Peplum Dress.

You can read about the first time here.

I had this fabric, and I thought it would make a really cute Fourth of July dress in this pattern.

Amelia is probably thinking, it's not July now, why do I have to model this dress in the snow?

I should have re-read my blog before making this dress, because I did not add any extra fabric allowance.

I just followed the pattern as it was written.

There was slight problem that the waist band was not long enough, and I had to cut a second one that was about two inches longer.

The skirt length was six inches long, before adding in seams, and I think it came out looking a really good length.

I also think that my sewing skills have improved, and I managed to do a better job on the details at the top of the bodice.

I am really happy with this dress!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

123 Mulberry Street Baby Doll Dress

 This is the second time that I have made the pattern for the 123 Mulberry Street Dress.

The first time, it went really well. You can read that blog here.

This time, it didn't go quite so flawlessly.

The sleeves were too narrow, and doll hands could not fit through them.

I am not sure why this happened this time and not the last time I sewed it.

I revised the sleeve pattern a bit to be longer and wider at the wrists. They are full length instead of three quarters lengths.

It came out very cute, and I am very happy with it!

Zia wanted to make snow angels despite her bare legs.

(Yes, okay, she fell over, but it looked cute!)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Keepers Dolly Duds Fifties Flair

 I have made the pattern for the Keepers Dolly Duds Fifties Flair many times.

However, I have always made View A. It's so cute and looks so impressive for the amount of effort.

This time, I made View B. 

I had these buttons shaped like rabbits, and I wanted to use them to make an Easter dress that was classically pretty instead of cutesy.

This pattern was perfect for that!

Here is one of the dresses, modeled by Kanani. I made three different dresses in different color combinations. I only took pictures of two of the dresses because of the difficulty of getting pictures at this time of the year.

Here is Miranda modeling a pink and purple version.

I am very early for Easter, but better early than late! I am very bad at doing these things on time, I'm either too early or too late.

These doll clothes are special, because the rabbit buttons that I used belonged to my grandmother, I am pretty certain. I didn't buy them, they came from the family button stash.
She would be proud to know that I used them to make doll clothes for my little cousins.

You can see other versions of this pattern that I have made here. I still think they are all gorgeous!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds Forties Fashion

 I made the Keepers Dolly Duds Forties Fashion pattern for Nanea.

I do love the Keepers Dolly Duds patterns. I have decided that I really need to go through and sew the patterns from this brand that I own and haven't made yet.

Anyway, I love this dress for Nanea. The colors make me think of the Hawaiian sunset.

Poor Nanea looks like she is wondering what she is doing in the snow wearing only this dress!

The little details on this dress make it feel special, but it was not too difficult to sew.

I chose to use ribbon instead of sewing fabric into a narrow tube for the decoration. 

The sleeves have very pretty decorative details.

I enjoyed making this dress, and hope to make the other view included in the pattern before too long!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pattern Review: Dollhouse Designs Winter Princess Nightgown

 I made the Winter Princess Nightgown from Dollhouse Designs.

I was very pleased with this pattern. It has two sets of pattern pieces, one for woven fabric and one for knits.

I was using flannel, so I used the patterns for woven fabric.

I thought that it makes a pretty and elegant nightgown.

I used what I had on hand, but I think you can see it as  Frozen inspired nightgown fit for a princess.

It looks warm and cozy for winter nights as well.

The pattern came together easily.

I liked this pattern and may make it again. So many nightwear patterns are for knit fabrics, and I don't sew with those a lot.

This nightgown is going to be a gift for a little girl, and I hope she likes it.

I have really admired the patterns from Dollhouse Designs for a while now. I enjoyed making this pattern, and hope to make more from this designer soon.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds 1927 Coat

 I made the Keepers Dolls Duds 1927 Coat pattern.

I am very pleased with this pattern. 

I actually made this coat twice for myself, in red and in green.

I wanted to see how they both looked on this doll.

I would have preferred a darker green, and I may try that yet.

I liked the pattern. It made a very elegant coat.

I didn't realize that the coat has a kick pleat in the back. That was the hardest part of the pattern. I kept reading the directions. BUT once I got to that step in sewing, it was clear enough what I needed to do.

The finished kick pleat looks so good! I keep turning the doll around to look at it.

I also want to share a picture of the lining, because I love the fabric that I used. The print was a little large for an AG dress, but it looked good as the coat lining!

I am very happy with this pattern and the coats that I made from it.

I know I am making a lot of coats. It's cold here, and the snow makes the perfect background.

One of these days I should try making the matching hats, I suppose.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds Coat Essential Pattern

 I recently made the Keeper's Dolly Duds Coat Essentials pattern.

I wanted to make coats for my little cousins' dolls.

I try very hard not to make identical items for the sisters, so they can't fight over whose is whose.
So I made the same coat pattern in red and green.

My favorite part of the pattern is the pockets, which are elegantly stitched into the seams. They are so cute! Every doll needs pockets.

It's a nice pattern, but I felt that it was a bit loose in the front. This may be because I put in velcro instead of buttons. I know that the girls always ask their mom to help them change doll clothes, and I didn't want her to have to button and unbutton, haha.

I also thought that the collar should come just a tiny bit more forward on the front of the coat.

I think if I made it again without buttons, I would take about a quarter of an inch off the front of the coat, and that should fix the issue.

Looseness isn't a bad thing on a coat, though, because it can fit over layers more easily.

I know that my cousins will love these coats and not even notice the minor fit issue, haha.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Pattern Review: Flossie Potter Little '50s Swing Coat

 I made the Flossie Potter Little '50s Swing Coat.

This was not the favorite coat that I have made.

I just struggled to understand the directions.

I admit that once I had figured it out, it was very easy to sew, especially around the arms. There aren't inset arms, which makes it much easier.

I also didn't like the finished look of the coat as much as I could.

It just looked clunky and huge to me on the doll in person.

The front of the coat has a small area where the fabric is gathered, by the button, and it makes the fabric on the front look wrinkled to me. I would like it better if the fabric were not gathered there.

I tried putting it on a doll wearing a floofy 1950s dress and a crinoline, and although I didn't get a picture of that, I liked it better on Miranda wearing pants. It made it look more jaunty as opposed to sort of overstuffed.

It is a very easy and fast coat to sew, and I am happy to have another coat for my dolls to wear. 

It's cold outside right now!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Thirteenth Doctor Coat

 Using the Liberty Jane Oxford Square coat pattern, I made a doll sized replica of the Thirteenth Doctor's coat from Doctor Who. 

I altered the pattern a bit. I made the coat longer, wider in the front, and I also made the hood pattern longer on the end so it would meet up with the sides of the coat.

The coat is grey, with a royal blue lining. I used 5/8 inch rainbow ribbon to match the inside lining of the coat.

It has a hood. It does not have any closure such as velcro or buttons.

The pockets do not match the pockets on the full-sized Thirteenth Doctor coat, which are set at more of a slant. This detail bugs me a tiny bit, BUT I feel like the Doctor needs pockets that hold things.

I can change it if I make it again. I made altered pattern pieces and set them aside for future reference.

This picture shows the coat's hood.

This picture shows both Doctor coats together. I suppose I should made the coat for the Eleventh Doctor, since that is included in Simplicity 8111. I need to find appropriate fabric that is scaled small first.

Here's a link to the blog about the Tenth Doctor coat!

Friday, January 8, 2021

LoveFromAfar Etsy

 I just wanted to give a shout out to the etsy shop LoveFromAfar.

The owner of the shop is someone that I know personally. 

I love the suspenders that she has made to go with the American Girl Truly Me Formal Festive Outfit.

My favorite are the rainbow colored suspenders! Way to show your LGBT pride!

Here is a link to the suspenders.

Here is a link to the LovefromAfar etsy shop home page.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Pattern Review: Liberty Jane Oxford Square Coat

 I made the Liberty Jane Oxford Square coat for the first time.

I was really surprised by how fast and easy this pattern is.

The coat is not lined, only the hood is. You could add lining if you prefer.

I added half an inch to the front pattern piece so that the coat would close in the front. The original pattern is designed to be skintight, and that didn't sound comfy to me.

This coat looks great, is easy to make, and has a hood and pockets. Doll clothes need pockets, too!

It would be easy to add buttons or velcro as a closure.

This dark turquoise color looks great on Saige.

I am really happy with this coat!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8111

 I made the Tenth Doctor's Coat from Doctor Who. Finally!

I have had the pattern for ages.

Then I actually sewed this several months ago, but didn't have the courage to made the buttonholes.

I have added the buttonholes, and it's done!

Mara is modelling the coat here.

As you can see from the sleeves, I used a blue lining to match the Doctor's coat.

I added real pockets instead of just decorative tabs. The Doctor has to keep his screwdriver somewhere!

It has a kick pleat in the back of the coat.

This picture shows Mara's feet, so you can get a better idea of the length.

I felt that with this coat's construction, it needed to have real buttonholes and I couldn't cheat by adding velcro instead. You could put snaps under the buttons, but they would be visible when the coat hangs open.

I am really pleased to have this coat in my collection, and I made it myself! An accomplishment for me.

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