Saturday, May 28, 2022

Pattern Review: Read Creations Baby Sister's Sleeper Outfit

 I wanted more clothes for my Caring for Baby, and I wanted them to look like something a real baby would wear.

I used the Read Creations pattern Baby Sister's Sleeper Outfit.

It was easier than it looks!

It can be made with different sleeve and leg lengths, and the closure can be on the front or back.

So it's very versatile!

I used fabric from a real baby onesie for authenticity and to find a print small enough.

The pattern used all of the fabric from one onesie.

I am very happy with this pattern and the onesie!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Willa and Emerson

 I found Willa and Emerson at the thrift store, and they came home with me.

I have been wanting Willa!

I already had Emerson, but this one had a different outfit on and was so cute with her pierced ears. I couldn't resist!

Willa is missing her boots and needs a spa treatment. She has some orange marks on her face that didn't come off with magic eraser.

The orange doesn't show much in picture!

Emerson is so cute. I stand by my dubious decision to have two Emerson dolls, haha.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Caroline Meets Kathleen Ernst

 My Caroline got to meet her author!

Kathleen Ernst had a book signing at Old World Wisconsin.

Sure, she was promoting her new book for adults.

That did not stop me from bringing Caroline as well.

 I asked her for a picture with Caroline, and then she turned the tables on me by asking for a picture of ME with Caroline.

So if you ever have a chance to meet her, don't hesitate to bring a doll along!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Molly's Desk

 Another thrift store find- I found Molly's desk at the thrift store! 

It was $7 and it is missing its top. I hope to replace that with a piece of wood. If the wood doesn't match perfectly, that will be fine. I am going to use it for Nanea, and her whole school burnt down. It makes sense that they might have had to replace parts of the furniture to use it again.

I'm just not a Molly fan, never have been. Sorry, Molly fans!

The hinges are still there, which will make it easier to replace the desk's writing top.

AG doll furniture was beyond my wildest wishes as a kid, so I am so excited whenever I get any!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Hello, Nellie!

 Yeah, I really need to post more! Sorry!

I have been posting on Instagram, if anyone is interested. My handle is @igsbeth.

My most recent thrift store find is Nellie O'Malley!

She was wearing Felicity's Christmas gown.

I had to hurry to get pictures of her. It was starting to rain, and she's very floppy. Thus, these pictures were very hurried.

Here's Nellie in the dress that she came in.

And here she is changed into a more period-appropriate dress.

I need to do some hospital work. Nellie, Samantha and Rachel all need restringing.

I am going to try to do that soon and to post more as well!

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