Friday, June 7, 2019

A Girl For All Time Amelia

I have really like A Girl For All Time Amelia for a long time, and I finally added her to my collection!

Here is her box.The AGAT dolls do have gorgeous boxes.

If you haven't heard, taxes on toys imported from China are going to be raised to 25% of the toy's value, so toy prices are going up.

This is going to affect all toys, but the prices in the AGAT fundraiser have been raised to reflect the fact.

I am glad that I got Amelia at a lower price while I could.

I feel bad, because AGAT dolls have better posing that AG dolls, but I am not very creative at finding these poses. They can brush their hair back and it is very cute.

Here is a view of the back of her dress. It is gorgeous.

Here are the three AGAT dolls that I currently own.

Amelia is lovely. I like her sweet but serious expression. I am very glad to have her.

Elinor is still my favorite AGAT doll. I think she is just gorgeous. I feel bad about having a favorite, but there it is.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Pattern Review: Farmcookies Doo Wop Days 2

This dress is the second dress I made from the Farmcookies Doo Wop Days pattern.

I was not as pleased with this one, but it is partly my fault.

Okay, in the first place, I think I should have made a more narrow ribbon for the bodice decoration.

Rather than buying ribbon, I cut fabric, sewed it in a tube, turned it inside out, and ironed it.

My calculations were slightly off, it turned out wider than I intended, and I used it anyway.

Since I wasn't using ribbon, I did not make a bow, but that was intentional.

The neckline of the dress is curvy, and that is made by sewing the front fabric of the dress to a lining and turning it inside out.

I almost always have trouble with this coming out right when I made doll clothes, and this was sadly no exception.

However, that turned out to make almost no difference, because the neckline is so close to the doll's neck that it is barely visible in any case.

Still, I think it's not a bad dress at all. It's just one of those things where it frustrates me by not coming out exactly as I wanted it to.

Here are the first three dresses that I made with this fabric. They are all cute and unique!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Pattern Review: Farmcookies Doo Wop Days

Here is another 1950s doll dress that I made from the cute turquoise kitty fabric.

This one is made from the Farmcookies pattern Doo Wop Days.

It's a popular pattern because one of the two dresses in the pattern, this one, is a facsimile for Maryellen's school dress.

This was a cute and easy pattern to make.

I used a think blue ribbon that I think helps to set it off visually in the "series" of dresses that I made for this fabric.

One problem that I had was sewing the ribbon on the curve of the bib of the dress.
I sewed in on, but it doesn't fully lie flat in places.

Maybe I should have done a seam on each side of the fabric instead of down the middle of the ribbon, but it is very narrow ribbon, so that might not have worked either.

This is the first time I have used a Farmcookies pattern, and I was pleased with it.

I would have liked if the dimensions to be cut for the skirt had been listed on the page with the pattern pieces as well as being listed in the instructions, but that is a small quibble.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Simplicity Harry Potter patterns

Simplicity will be producing official Harry Potter patterns for 18 inch dolls.

The official item for this item is Simplicity Sewing Pattern S8942 Harry Potter Doll Clothes.

You can find it on their website  and I am sure in all stores that sell Simplicity patterns.

It looks really good! Definitely picking it up.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern S8942 Harry Potter Doll Clothes

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