Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring is here!

The title of this post is a little ironic, because there are still traces of snow on the ground. Whatever!

Kanani couldn't wait any longer to show off her new dress.

Please ignore her hair. It was windy out.

During the recent sale, Kanani got the Shimmer and Lace Party Dress. I saw how lovely it looks on her somewhere, I think We're All Mini Mad Here, but I can't find the original post.

The dress is lovely! I only buy dresses if I cannot sew them myself. I have no regrets about buying this one.

It has so many intricate, lovely details. It is made basically out of lace, which has such lovely details on it. The tulle underskirt adds a nice touch. It stands out more, in a good way, because it is a different color from the rest of the dress.

There are a few clear sequins sewn on the bodice of the dress, but they are not overwhelming.  I hate sequins, but I can ignore these. The flower on the hip is likewise not too overwhelming or little girl-ish.

The sandals are cute, although I was confused at first as to where the bows go on her legs.

The barrette is also cute, and so far it stays on well.

I did have to work to get the dress on her, and I was worried because it looks so delicate. However, I have heard that Kanani tends to be a chubbier doll than some.

Also, I think that some dresses make Kanani's neck look too short. This dress does not have that problem.

I am very happy with this dress!


  1. With the colour and all the lace that really is the perfect spring dress!

    And hey, if the only snow is trace amounts that still sounds like spring weather (I've been in Toronto for the week and there was just an ice storm two days ago, so I sympathize). ;)

  2. Ha. These pictures look worse than I thought at the time. Oh well.


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