Sunday, October 2, 2016

Product Review: Our Generation It Seams Perfect

One of my favorite Our Generation sets is It Seams Perfect. A doll sized sewing machine! Yay!
This is a much more affordable set than Isabelle's Sewing Studio, AND it doesn't take up so much space.

Here is the back of the box.
I bought this set a year ago, and just opened. Anticipation is half the fun, or at least that's my excuse.
Now I have space to display it without facing criticism. Someday I will have a dolly bedroom set up.
(Speaking of which, check out windstar's awesome doll apartment.)

Here is Anne next to the sewing machine desk and chair. They look tiny in the box, but the scale looks better next to the doll. The chair is still on the small side, but it works.

Here are many of the tiny accessories that come with the set. I put Anne's hand in the picture for scale comparisons. The wristband of the  tomato pincushion looks half the size of her wrist, but I was able to get her to wear it, much to my surprise.

Here is what the desk looks like without the sewing machine. The top folds out to provide more space, and it has a well for the sewing machine. I did not realize it folded out like this, and this makes me love it more. It's just like a real sewing machine table! Except for the color pink, ha ha.

The set also includes a cute box for all the tiny accessories, a bolt of (plastic-y) fabric, and an actual pattern. The pattern is for an A-line dress, perfect for Melody.

Here is Anne sitting at the sewing machine. It was slightly difficult to get her to sit upright in the chair, but I think part of the problem is because of the stiffness of the jeans she is wearing.

What are you making, Anne?

A quilt, of course!
Of course. Silly me for asking.

You can actually raise and lower the sewing machine foot with this lever at the back of the sewing machine. The height difference is subtle and doesn't show up well in these pictures. This is the "down" position.
The needle is in a fixed "down" positions, which limits how I can post the fabric under the machine.

Here the sewing machine foot is "up."

Since I have a lot of unnecessary things to do, like working, eating and sleeping, Anne has a lot of projects that need to be finished.
See? The pincushion really did fit on her wrist!

Here's a close up of the sewing machine. The spool of thread that came with the set does not match the scale of the spool of thread molded onto the machine, not even a little.
That big silver button really does turn, though!

I don't have a lot of use for the dressmaker's dummy, but it will be handy for displaying detachable collars of dresses.

I think this set is quite perfect, which is appropriate, given its name. I don't like that the needle is fixed in the down position so that I can't place fabric under the needle, but I can understand why, given safety concerns and the overall cost of the set. I just wish it were fixed in the up position.

The set has so many pieces, pieces that you might not even think of needing. It's so thoughtful and well put together.

I wish that Our Generation was better at distributing its sets so that all my friends could get this set if they wanted, instead of having to rely on luck to find this at Target. They really should sell more items on the website and make it easier to tell what each store has in stock.


  1. You can just go to the Our Generation website at to find things

    1. True.It doesn't always work, though, because Target uses the same barcode for multiple OG sets.


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