Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hearts for Hearts doll Nyesha

I got Hearts for Hearts doll Nyesha!

As far as I can tell, she has the same meet outfit from her original release, only minus the tie.

I am totally fine with that. I did not dig the tie.

The rest of her outfit is so colorful and pretty!

Her hair was bunched up when she arrived, but I was able to separate it into ringlets and finger cur it.

It's so pretty as it is now, but it will need care to maintain it.

She is the last Hearts for Hearts doll that I really want for now, at least until they release any new dolls. The $41 price tag is a bit hefty for these dolls.

I am very happy to have Nyesha, and I recommend her to other collectors.

The hair might make her less of a practical toy for kids to play with.

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