Sunday, January 12, 2020

Welcome Home, Joss!

Joss Kendrick is here!

I love her.

I think she has a very cute new face mold, and I like her meet outfit.

Most of all, I am so excited that a doll has a hearing loss, like me.

Joss is going to have a new name here. I am naming her Jenny.

Her hearing aid is tiny! It's half the size of the old pink hearing aid.

It pops into her ear, kind of like a LEGO. I added a dab of tacky glue to help it stick.

It only fits in her right ear, because it is rounded on one side to fit in her ear, and flat on the other side.

In Joss's book, she is deaf in her left ear and has partial hearing in her right.

I like her meet, it feels like something I would wear. I did not know that the decals on her hoodie were shiny.

I also did not realize that there is embroidery on the front left pocket of her shorts. I like it!

Her flip flops are very hard to get on and off. I thought I was going to scratch the doll taking them off. They are not going back on her.

Jenny is not going to be doing any water sports around here for a while! Although there is a polar plunge in February.

It snowed last night, so I changed her out of her meet outfit so she could play in the snow with her bulldog!

I am really excited abut this doll. I usually wait months or more to buy a doll after it is released, but I know that this one had to come home with me.

I will write another post about her books!


  1. I'm excited to see what you say about her books.

    1. I've been waiting to get the second book on hold from the library. I may just go ahead and review the one I have.


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