Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds Reefer Coat

I have been intimidated by sewing doll coats for two reasons: fabric choices and button holes.

Coat patterns often list suggested fabrics that I am not familiar with and do not know how to source.

I CAN make button holes, but I am intimidated by making it as the last step in the pattern, on the front of the clothing, when it is so easy to mess it up.

With this coat, I avoided both of these things by making the coat with flannel and making it close with velcro.

I mean, we are all self-isolating, it's forcing us to be more creative with the materials we have on hand.

I am happy with the coat! It looks and feels like a real winter coat.

I made two of this, one for my little cousin and one for me.

This is the Keepers Dolly Duds Reefer Coat.

It was so easy to make! I was surprised. I really like how the pleats for the sleeves are marked on the pattern.

I need to take more pictures. The back of the coat is a sailor collar. I love sailor collars!

The lining of the coat is a sparkly blue and white snowflake fabric. It's totally historically inaccurate, but very cute. It makes me smile, and I think it will make my cousin happy too.

I did not make the coat tie. I didn't feel that it was needed.

I highly recommend this! If you have been hesitating to make doll coats, this is a great pattern to start with!

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