Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Pattern Review: KDD Jo's Writing Dress

 I made a dress with Keeper's Dolly Dud's pattern Jo's Writing Dress, which is sold on Pixie Faire.

This is my first time using the pattern. 

I used some reproduction Civil War fabric that I meant to use for a quilt. After ten years, I decided it was fair to use it for a doll dress instead. The fabric pattern was from a collection associated with Clara Barton. It has lines of music written on it and shields that say "peace."   It's mostly red with some gold accents. It's perfect for a dress for Addy.

The pattern was easy to follow.

One thing that I did not realize from looking at completed dresses from this pattern is that there is a ruffle where the sleeves meet the bodice. I think it would be better to make this ruffle a contrasting color, because otherwise it does not show up well. The ruffle could also easily be left off if desired.

The pattern calls for the stripes on the sleeves to be set at a diagonal. I chose not to do this.

It's so dark this time of year that it is difficult for me to take a good picture.

Addy's classic Christmas dress is still a classic and has a part in my collection and my heart. I think this one is pretty special too.

I am very happy with this pattern and would make it again. I also look forward to making the other "Little Women" patterns by Keepers Dolly Duds.

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  1. I agree, it's a great dress for Addy! The red looks very good on her and I love how the stripes form Vs on the bodice. I don't normally use patterns when I make my doll clothes, but that one's quite nice! Where do you get them?


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