Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ye Goode Olde Days

LOL, this blog post title is tongue in cheek.

However, as I was posting the pictures from the get-together with mcoooper and randomtraci, I realized that I did not have the pictures from my first meet up with mcooper, back in early April, on the blog. I did not have a blog at that point. We took some great pictures, though, and I love that our girls  (and guy) have a history together, so here are some pictures!

Here is mcooper's blog post about our get together.

Daken is a very special custom doll and possibly the most huggable doll I have met, despite his tough persona. Here he is in an antique jail cell.

my Laura Ingalls

Anne and Wrennie

Wrennie, Amelia, Daken, Melody, Laura Ingalls, Zia, and Anne

Anne and Daken

Anne, Zia, Wrennie and Daken

Zia and Wrennie

A Girl for All Time Amelia. She is just gorgeous!



Laura Ingalls

Daken, Melody, Zia and Anne

Laura Ingalls

top: Zia and Laura Ingalls
middle: Daken, Anne and Amelia
bottom: Melody and Wrennie

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