Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Addy's Wardrobe:Summer Dress

It is summer, and Addy is happy to put on her summer dress!

 To complement her summer dress, Addy is wearing her Lace-Up Boots. They lace up the side.

Unlike some of the newer boots, they do not close in the back with velcro.

Here, Addy is wearing her crinoline under her dress. It makes her skirt look so poofy and pretty!

I really like this dress. It's bright and cheerful.

The construction of the dress is similar to the Thimbles and Acorns Prairie Rose dress, with shorter sleeves.

I do not have the hat that goes with it. Hats take up so much space to store.

 The wind is blowing her skirt in this picture!

Addy looks lovely in this dress, as she does in everything.

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