Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pattern Review: Simplicity 8190

This swimsuit is made from Simplicity 8190, one of the official American Girl patterns from Simplicity.

I found it actually hard to tell from looking at the pattern envelope what the finished swimsuit would look like.

The bottom of the swimsuit in the picture is covered by a wrap skirt.

Actually, the swimsuit is very cute.

It has a wrap top, similar to the Heritage Doll Fashions Wrap Top Dress.

Above the hips on either side, the fabric is gathered to create little ruches. This is maybe like a more modern version of the Wren*Feathers 1950 Betsy McCall Swimsuit.

I actually thought this was weird. I haven't seen any swimsuits designed like this in real life.

I tried making the pattern as it is designed for my first attempt, with two major differences.

I used fold-over elastic instead of cutting out strips of swimsuit fabric to finish off the edges, as the pattern advised. This made it much easier to make!

The pattern also wanted me to create the armholes and leg holes by putting them in in the round. This is while using stretchy fabric, and while stretching the shorter elastic for the inside of the arm- and leg- holes to fit.

No way.

I first added the elastic to cover the arm- and leg- holes, then sewing the side or bottom of the swimsuit shut. This was much easier.

This is a cute swimsuit, and I like how it covers the weird shoulders of the American Girl dolls.
This is hard to do in a swimsuit!

For my second swimsuit from this pattern, I do not want the ruching on the sides. I was afraid it would distort the cute turtles on the fabric.

I decided to make the swimsuit pieces a half inch shorter to eliminate the ruching.

We will see how that goes!


  1. I made Simplicity 8282 (another of the American Girl Patterns for Simplicity) and had the same reaction of why am I sewing a doll sleeve in the round? In the end I put the sleeve in flat. I think Simplicity must have someone who had never made doll clothes writing the instructions.

    1. I have done doll sleeves in the round for Melody Valerie patterns, but this was especially awful with the stretchy fabric, and I wasn't going to try it!


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