Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pattern Review: Thimbles and Acorns Country Girl

Laura Ingalls got a new dress. Yes, she is spoiled.

Yes, it is completely historically inaccurate that she has so many clothes.

No, I don't care.

This time I made the Country Girl pattern from Thimbles and Acorns at Pixie Faire.

This pattern has a lot included! There is a historical dress, apron and bonnet and a modern variation as well!

I made the historical dress and apron. I did not make the bonnet or the drawstring pockets for the apron.

Here is the front of the complete outfit. I like the colors of the fabrics that I used.
The dress has pockets, and the apron has slits so that she can reach the pockets through the apron.

 Here is the back of the dress and apron. I think the apron closure is quite graceful and pretty.

Here is the dress on its own. It has a resemblance to Kirsten's meet outfit, which was unintentional.

The skirt is longer than Kirsten's, which makes Laura look more adult.

I really like this pattern. It was easy to follow, but it looks satisfyingly elegant.

It has so many components that it just feels very satisfying.

I highly recommend this pattern.

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