Monday, February 5, 2018

Anne's Wardrobe: School Jumper

Here is another on-trend 1996 outfit, the School Jumper.

This was very very on trend at the time. Both the jumper and the shirts with the narrow horizontal stripes were very popular.

In fact, one of my sister's friends, Claire, gave her a jumper like this- an expensive one- for her birthday.  Claire gave so many hints about her gift, that it was an expensive clothing item, that we started calling it "gold-plated underwear."

We continued to call it that even after the gift was opened and revealed to NOT be gold-plated underwear. Good times!

I think this outfit looks really great, even with the dark colors. Not everything has to be pink, AG!

Here is is with all of the accessories, tights, headband, etc.

It is so hard to get a good picture in winter, and this picture is a good example.
This is the best lighting I could get.

This is another one of my favorite outfits for Anne. It looks good on her!

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