Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Nanea's Eye Replacement

I finally sent Nanea off for new eyes.

For anyone not following the drama, AG started using less realistic eyes.
These were so unpopular that AG discontinued them and is offering free eye replacements.

Here is Nanea before her eye replacement. I put her hair in a net to protect it.

Here is Nanea after her eye replacement.

She came back in good condition. I could not see any damage sustained by the eye replacement process.

I am not adjusting to her new eyes, though. I need to take her outside for a photo shoot.

I compared her eyes to Kanani's hazel eyes. It's hard to compare them when Nanea has such bigger eyes than Kanani.

I thought Kanani's decal hazel eyes look a bit more detailed than Nanea's new ones. There are more lines in there.

I am not sure I can get a good comparison photo of that, and it might be all in my head.

Anyway, I had a good eye replacement experience, so I would encourage you to do it if you have been thinking about it.

Free eye replacements are valid till the end of the calendar year.

Update: Here is Nanea outside on the beach with her new eyes!

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