Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Pattern Review: Doll Tag Clothing Hospital Patient

 This was a sad project to have to sew.

I have a younger cousin in elementary school who needs to get ear surgery this month.

I felt really bad that I lived too far away to offer any practical aid. 

So instead I did what I do best, and I sewed doll clothes.

I made the Doll Tag Clothing Hospital Patient pattern, and I made doll sized hospital gowns.

The hospital gown pattern is very easy to make. To be honest, I am not sure why I already owned it, but I was really glad that I did.

The pattern was only two pattern pieces, front and back. It was so easy. That was good, because I was in a sleep fog and didn't have a lot of brain cells to devote to figuring out the pattern.

It is also very clever. The hospital gown overlaps in the back so that you don't have doll butt hanging out. I thought it was worth the price, even though it's an easy pattern.

I also used the Requiem Art Designs Face Masks pattern to make matching face masks.

I hope that it helps my cousin feel a little bit better about her procedure.

There are three cousins of the same age, and each one is getting a face mask and hospital gown.

I am not going to be accused of favorites, no way!

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  1. I love the matching masks, Beth :) I hope your cousin flies through the procedure with zooming colors.


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