Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mattel Toy Store

 I paid another visit to the Mattel Toy Store this weekend.

This store has a lot of different toys sold by Mattel, including American Girl. The AG dolls are full price, but you can get clothes and accessories at usually half off.

You never know what you will find there, which makes it a fun adventure. 

The thrill of driving up to American Girl headquarters never gets old for me.

Store entrance! They are currently open only certain days of the week and mask wearing is mandatory.

They have lots of American Girl dolls. Not all of them, though. Some of these are definitely retired, such as #62 and Tenney. They cost $110.

American Girl clothes and accessories!

There was a smaller selection this time. I bought Nanea's accessories and a Wellie Wisher nightgown that I have had my eye on because of the dragonflies on the fabric.

Lots of Barbies

Lots of games

Holiday display

There were lots of other kinds of toys that I didn't take a picture of.

Even though I didn't buy much, I really enjoyed the adventure of getting to visit the Mattel Toy Store.

It's like a mini MCM Benefit Sale.

You can read about my first visit here from a year ago here.

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