Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cleaning Doll Clothes

 Something that has been low-key bugging me for a long time was that some of the doll clothes in my collection were dirty.

I am really careful with my doll clothes. However, for example, my Felicity's meet dress is 28 years old, and I kept her in that dress most of the time, so it was just grubby from handling, even though I kept an apron over it.

I buy a lot of doll clothes used, and some of them came with spots on them.

However, when I was little, I washed my Barbie doll clothes in the sink, and some of them shrank beyond use. I really didn't want to repeat that.

So what I did was, I bought this powdered OxiClean, and I added the recommended amount of powder to hot water.

THEN, this is the important part, I let the water cool before adding the doll clothes.

The hot water is needed to dissolve the powder, but hot water might shrink your doll clothes, and I didn't want to risk it.

I let the doll clothes soak for six to eight hours, then I rinsed them with cold water and let them air dry.

It worked great! I reused the same tub of cold water with OxiClean in it for several cycles of doll clothes each. I dumped it out when I could see the water becoming discolored.

I am so happy to see the doll clothes looking clean!

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