Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thrift store Surprise!

 I went to the thrift store on my birthday, and I found a great surprise!

I had gone to this thrift store last week, and they had a few American Girl dolls for $75 each, but they were in carrying cases locked in a glass case so that I couldn't see which doll they were or what condition they were in.

I decided that I didn't want to go to the hassle of getting an employee to unlock the case, partly because of COVID and partly because the dolls I want are newer and unlikely to be donated to a thrift store.

This week, I tried going to the thrift store again on my birthday.

In among the porcelain dolls was a naked, sad Girl of Today #1 for only $25.

That was a price point I couldn't resist, so she came home with me.

Since she was naked and sad, I put her in some pajamas and posed her in Melody's bed so that she could get warmed up.

I think I am either going to name her Miranda, or name her after one of the girl characters in Melody's books.
For now I am calling her Miranda.

She has silver eye, and her wig is in bad shape. Her vinyl had some marks that I was mostly able to remove with a Magic eraser.

I think that she was very well loved by her former owner. I think that owner carried her around by her hair. Her elastic is in great shape, but her hair is very thin. It looks okay in a ponytail, but it's too thin to leave it down. It's also shorter than it should be.

The pointer finger on her left hand has a few chew marks.

A line has been drawn on her teeth to give her the look of braces (I assume).

I want to fix her up, but there's only so much I want to spend on fixing her up, given the chewed finger.

I have thought about giving her a fantasy wig, but fixing her silver eye would be my first priority.
Also, changing her wig would take away her cool identity as a #1.

So I am definitely going to think about the best way to help Miranda look her best.

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