Sunday, February 14, 2021

Pattern Review: All Dolled Up Lyric

 I made the pattern Lyric by All Dolled Up, currently called AllDolledUpbyTerrie on etsy.

I wanted to make Valentine's Day dresses for my little cousins, who have Kit and Ruthie.

I didn't have time to search for 1930s appropriate fabric, but I thought it would still be cute to use modern fabric and sew it into a 1930s appropriate dress.

I think the resulting dresses are very cute!

They have the same main fabric. The secondary fabrics are actually different, but close enough to look the same in a picture.

I had a few problems with this pattern. The pattern piece for the sleeve band was too short, and the front of the dress was longer than the back of the dress.

I was able to deal with these issues, and I am so happy to have made these cute dresses!

The pattern maker says that this is based on a dress that she wore in the 1960s, so I would like to make a different version of this dress for Melody some day.

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