Monday, September 26, 2016

Addy's Wardrobe: Cape Island Dress

Addy's Cape Island dress is a beautiful, limited edition dress based on a real, historical dress owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

It's no wonder that everyone wants a doll sized version of this lovely dress!

The American Girl version of this dress is extremely expensive on eBay, and it has one annoying flaw- the braid at the bottom of the dress does not go all the way around.

TheEdwardianGirl sells a beautiful reproduction of Addy's Cape Island dress on etsy.  This is a review of one of her reproduction dresses.

All I can say is that it is a really beautiful dress, and beautifully made.

Okay, I can say more than that, but it is redundant.

I was really pleased with this dress, and so are all the other collectors I know who have purchased it from TheEdwardianGirl.

The dress works well with Addy's crinoline- it is long and full, and it looks great with the crinoline.
Addy is wearing her crinoline in these pictures.

It does not work with her chemise. The neckline is too wide, so that the chemise is visible underneath the dress. This doesn't bother me.

Here is a picture of Addy wearing the dress without the crinoline:

It looks lovely without the crinoline as well. The crinoline makes it easier to see the lovely braid at the bottom of the dress, of course, but it is fine without it.

As you can see, the braid goes all around the bottom of the skirt:

The dress closes in the back with velcro.

This dress is high quality, and gorgeous, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I bought it even before Addy came home, and I am very pleased with the purchase.

You can read TheEdwardianGirl's blog about her other sewing creations here.

On another note, I find it hard to take pictures in which Addy is looking straight at the camera. She is often gazing wistfully at the sky. She must be a budding poet.


  1. Beautiful! The dress is actually called "Cape Island Dress" and not Cape Cod dress- the short story it is based on takes place at the fictional Cape Island, which I think is meant to be a facsimile of Cape May.


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