Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Polly Pocket Dollhouse

The Ai dolls went shopping and found something interesting today.

 What could it be?

It's a Polly Pocket dollhouse!
 This is my own and favorite Polly Pocket dollhouse from the 1990s, I don't exactly remember which year. I loved these. The teeny little dollhouses!

I am not sure which doll came with it originally, but I know for sure the dog and cat came with it.

This is actually fairly similar in layout to my actual dollhouse, as well as the blue color scheme of the furniture.

I love the tiny koi garden, possibly more than I love real-life koi gardens.

I didn't get a picture of this, but the gate actually opens and closes.

One reason I am sure these are discontinued is that the dolls are so teeny and easy to lose and break. This picture includes a doll that lost its arm. This happened a LOT.

The Polly Pocket dollhouse is just the right size to be a dollhouse for the Ai dolls. I think it's a really cute combination.
What's not to love?

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