Sunday, November 20, 2016

Girl Scouts, Growing Strong!

One of my dear friends just sent me this off-brand Girl Scout Juniors uniform.

I am so excited! I already had the official American Girl Juniors uniform. Now I can have a Girl Scout troop of two!

It looks so cute on Ellie!
The tab is held on with velcro over a white fabric tab sewn onto the shirt, so you can remove the tab and use it with another outfit.
The shoes did not come with it, they are Kit's.
I think some of the the insignia on the sash are in the wrong order (on the bottom half), but I haven't read a Girl Scout manual in a few years. Maybe it changed.
The skirt even has pockets!

I think she's prepared. For what? Anything!

My friend bought this off of Amazon, and the packaging said Emily Rose.

I think this is a great outfit, and am so pleased to own it!


  1. I knew you would find all the inconsistencies right away, haha. Hope it's fun in any case :)

  2. I really love it though! Thank you!

  3. I love Emily Rose. They make amazing quality clothing for really cheap, so the outfits are usually 10 dollars. The beds go up to 80 to 90 dollars at most! Love Emily Rose.


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