Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Girls in white Dresses with blue satin Sashes

Okay, you got me, I am a huge Sound of Music fan.

I saw a dress made by Traci at Isn't She Dovely. It was white with a blue sash, using the Aspen Party Dress by Liberty Jane.

I already wanted to make this pattern, but the color scheme, along with the song, was a real inspiration.

 This dress looks great on a variety of dolls, including Saige and Kaya.

I would rate this as a fairly difficult pattern, mostly because of the fabrics. They fabrics I used are slippery and prone to fray, and this is not good when you are using lots of tiny pieces.
I made this fairly quickly just because I was afraid that I was going to damage or lose or otherwise destroy the tiny pieces.

I also had to hem two skirts for each dress, and that was not fun.

 The dresses make Saige and Kaya want to dance!

Here is a back view.

 I feel like this is a cute dress that could be used for the holidays. Mind you, you'd freeze to death if you live up north, but you'd make a cute corpse.

Oh, on the top layer of the skirt, I cute the pieces slightly wider than the pattern called for and did French seams. I felt that the fabric frayed so easily and was so see-through, this was a good precaution to take.

The second, bottom layer is the same blue fabric as the sash. I realize you can't see it very well. I tried to get a picture of Saige holding up the top, white skirt to give a peek at the bottom skirt, but gravity did not cooperate.

I meant to keep one of these dresses and sell the other, but I am not sure that I can bring myself to sell one! Maybe I need to make two more. We shall see.


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