Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kaya's Makeover in Progress

My second Kaya, that I got from a garage sale, is looking pretty good.

Here she is now:

Here she is when I got her:

The braid spray did a GREAT job on her hair. It feels much softer now. You'd never know it was the same doll. It's the biggest improvement I have seen from using braid spray.

The wig is still cut, though, in the back. You can't really see it unless you lift up her wig and look.

But I know it's there, and besides, I already have a classic Kaya.

I keep telling myself this, because I hesitate to alter a doll that looks this good.

I want to give her a different wig. I want one with dark hair, that is short, and preferably one that has bangs. I don't always like bangs, but I feel that the bangs will make her look very different from Classic Kaya.

I really kind of want Ivy's wig, but Ivy is retired, and the only Ivy wig I've seen for sale was cut.

I also like Monique's Stephanie wig, but it is no longer available in dark brown. I am not sure what the light brown wig would look like on Kaya.

Chrissa's wig would look great on her, but with no bangs, I feel it'll just look like she has a haircut.

So I am really conflicted and just looking out for the perfect wig to fall into my lap.


  1. the Kaya I was able to get, I rewigged with a long black wig with bangs. She looks great with bangs. I think I got the wig from Bavas International

    1. Bavas has nice wigs! I just want short hair for some reason. :)


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