Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Patio Furniture

I am so excited with my new doll patio furniture set!

I have had the table for a couple of years. I got it at Hobby Lobby. It is collapsible and lies flat for storage, which is awesome.

I went to look at the doll stuff at a Wal-Mart in the nearest large town to me, because a friend wants the Wal-Mart exclusive African-American rock climber Barbie.

I did not find the Barbie (no one seems to be able to actually find it in store) but I did find the My Life As Adirondack chairs!

They were $7 each, and a lovely shade of blue that matched the table I already had!
So naturally I had to have them. They had three there, and I bought two. Now I am questioning whether I should have gotten the third as well. They stack for storage, which is great.

The chairs seem very sturdy, and the price is great.

Jess and Saige enjoyed the set up!

Here is a close-up of Saige.

For some reason, I was having more trouble posing Jess than Saige to look natural in the chairs.

I look forward to using this a LOT to get good doll photographs as the weather gets nicer!


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