Monday, March 19, 2018

Secret Snarker Gift 2018

I got my Secret Snarker gift from the American Girl Collectors Swap from Thyme.
My gift came all the way from the United Kingdom!
I am so excited and I love everything. I have LOTS of pictures.
Side note: I tried really hard to get the best pictures I could, but I have room to improve. It's just so dark this time of year.

Here are Anne, Kanani and Melody waiting impatiently to open the box

Here is the box itself! everything is so nicely packaged and each package is labelled with a doll's name! I am ashamed that I did not do this in my package for agate13.

I got an assortment of Cadbury's chocolate! I have been wishing I could go back and visit the UK, where I did study abroad, so this was delightful.

Kanani is standing in for Nanea, who has not yet joined my doll gang.
Nanea got this lovely porcelain doll!

Melody got a doll too!

Nanea got this adorable charm bracelet. I think it is cuter than Grace's charm bracelet! I was really interested in the history of charm bracelets that Thyme included. I did not know that Queen Victoria used to give them as gifts.
And Thyme made it herself! Isn't she talented?

Here is another picture of the charm bracelet.

And she got a turtle necklace! I love it! Turtles have a very special meaning in my family, and this is going to be a super popular piece of jewelry.

Melody got this lovely necklace that Thyme also made. Again, Thyme did a lot of research to show that it is appropriate to the 1960s. I think my grandmother had a similar necklace.
It matches Melody's dress perfectly!

Nanea got this lovely yellow gingham dress. I happen to love yellow gingham and it is a lovely dress! I bet the color will be amazing on Nanea when she gets here.

 Here are Kanani and Melody with all of their gifts so far...

Then Melody got this Our Generation outfit! It's not one that I had seen before, and I love it. It has a blouse, a vest, a scarf, a pleated skirt, shoes and a purse.
I think it is my favorite Our Generation retro outfit that I have seen.

Here are Kanani and Melody in their new outfits!

A close up of Melody...

And one more picture, with Melody holding her new necklace.

 Thyme put so much thought into this gift. I was super impressed with all of the research that she did.
Nanea and Melody both got jewelry, a doll and an outfit.
Melody's necklace and outfits remind me of things that I have seen pictures of my mother and grandmother wearing in old photos.

This really was like Christmas, so using the Christmas background for the photos felt very appropriate, even if it is March.
I also find it funny that I gave my giftee a pleated skirt and I got one as well!
Thank you so much, Thyme!
You did great!


  1. That OurGen outfit is so cute! I may have to track it down for my very spoiled DeeDee!

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