Wednesday, August 8, 2018


I think that Pullip dolls are lovely. I love seeing Pullip pictures.

HOwever, the few times that I have seen one in real life, they just didn't work for me.

Which is a good thing! I don't need to start collecting another line of dolls.

So I have two mini Pullips. These were a good price at Tuesday Morning, they are cute, and they ease my Pullip itch without starting another expensive coll collection.

I don't remember what these dolls are called.

This one in purple has the classic Pullip face mold.

This one has the Dal face mold.
I thought she would make a cute Tinkerbell custom but I have not done this yet.

Mini Pullips are the right size to be a doll for a doll for American Girl dolls as well!

Zia is all in favor of this!

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