Monday, August 27, 2018

Thrift Store Finds: Felicity's horse Penny

I went to Goodwill yesterday, even though they rarely have anything good.

Well, never say never- because I found Felicity's horse Penny for $5!

I grabbed her and did not let go, not even when I saw she was covered in paint.

Luckily, the paint was on the plastic parts of her legs and nose. Her mane and fur was in pretty good condition.

Here are the before pictures:

It was pretty bad, and I really hoped that I could get the paint off. It was bad enough that she would be unusable with the paint on her.

I used non acetone nail polish remover on her legs, and rubbing alcohol on her nose, because the nose had actual paint on it. The legs were covered in nail polish.

I used up two cheap paint brushes, one on the nose and one on the legs.

Here she is all cleaned up:

 These dark flecks on her leg are not paint- it is actually where the white material on her legs got broken off somehow. We are going to pretend that is spots of mud.

She cleaned up well! 

As soon as it stops raining, I will take pictures of Felicity.
She was already wearing her riding habit before I found Penny!

This is my second second-hand American Girl find. My experience in fixing up the Kaya and Julie that I found at a garage sale gave me confidence to fix up Penny. 

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