Thursday, January 10, 2019

Farewell to Freebie Friday

Pixie Faire is ending Freebie Friday. Instead, they are offering, a buy one, get one free each Friday.

Here is what the e-mail said:
"we are mixing things up for our Friday pattern give-away. Moving forward we are going to do a Friday BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) Deal each week. Similar to the 12 Days promos, the new Friday BOGO offer will be set up for a specified collection each week, for one day only - this Friday the collection will feature a beautiful assortment of fun patterns that we know you'll enjoy! Watch for the announcement in the Friday newsletter and check the site on Friday, the BOGO collection will be highlighted on the main homepage slider."

I don't really mind the change. I never expected Freebie Friday to last as long as it did, and I have a huge stash of patterns to draw on. It gave a great boost to my week, every Friday.

What I wish is that they would announce a day ahead of time what the BOGO will be.

I have limited Internet access on Fridays, so it would be nice to know if I need to go to the library or not.

Also, if I am going to spend money, I like to spend time contemplating my purchase and not be forced to do it immediately with a time constraint.

They are also discontinuing the Mod Monday, but I don't care because no one I know ever won.

Another announcement was a bit weirder.

Apparently, Shari Fuller of Thimbles and Acorns now owns Eve Coleman's Keeper Dolly Duds brand?

Does that mean no more KDD patterns?

It's weird.

Here is what the Pixie Faire e-mail says:

"Shari has two pattern collections on Pixie Faire, Thimbles and Acorns, her original brand - and after years of collaborating with designer Eve Coleman on the Keepers Dolly Duds Designs brand, Shari is now the owner of that brand too! "

I received an e-mail from Shari recently that said, "Was actually working on it when eve decided to move her patterns to PF." 

That doesn't really suggest that she now owns the brand.

The project that she says she was working on it is resizing her new pattern, A Piece of History dress, for 14 and 16 inch dolls, which I am looking forward to.

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