Monday, February 18, 2019

Hearts for Hearts News

News from Hearts for Hearts!

The dolls that will be released in 2019 are Nyesha from Brooklyn and Zelia from Brazil.

While I will be happy to add Nyesha to my doll collection- she is very unique and pretty- I still really want to see Aya, the doll they showed at Toy Fair literally years ago and do not seem to be any nearer to releasing.

The Hearts for Hearts Instagram says that they will be released in August. I wish it was sooner.

It is believed that Lillian and Surjan will be released in 2020, but this has not been officially announced.

So we may not see Aya until 2021. I am very sad about this.

Surjan is the only one of these dolls I own currently, so she gets to have her picture posted.
I do not plan to get Zelia, Lillian or Lauryce, unless I find them at a great sales price or something.


  1. Hi, I appreciate your blog very much! I just ordered Nyesha and Zell...wich wil complete my set of the available dolls. Why do you not like the white H4H dolls? Lillian is from Belarus, and Lauryce from New Orleans...both areas undergoing extreme strife at this time. There stories are important too. Also, I would love to have a Surjan and an Aya as well. How do you find out the release dates. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide regarding Aya and Surjan! Stay safe! Regrds, Mary Colleen

  2. ...sorry for the typos...that was supposed to say, "ZELIA'" and "WHICH...will complete..." It's @AM...LOL.

  3. 2 AM... (sheepish grin goes here).


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