Monday, February 11, 2019

Taking Doll Pictures in the Snow

I live in a state where we get a lot of snow in the winter.

Even when you have snow, it takes, in my opinion, very precise conditions to take pictures of dolls in the snow.

The snow can't be too deep, or the doll will be standing in knee-deep or waist-deep snow.

YET the snow has to be deep enough to entirely cover the grass.

It can't be too long after the snow has fallen, or there will be leaves, twigs and other debris over the snow.

Today, I had great conditions for taking doll photos!

We had a layer of ice on the ground that was thoroughly covering the grass.

Then we got about an inch of fresh snow over the ice, so it looked fresh and white out there, and the dolls did not sink down into the snow.

However, it was pretty treacherous outside, so I did not go far. I didn't want to fall and hurt myself and drop a doll or two in the snow!
So I only took pictures in my back yard.

I actually had to hurry to get these pictures today, because we are getting more snow tomorrow and more doll pictures may not be possible after that.

I got a lot of pictures, which I will share soon!

Here are the dolls AFTER I finished taking pictures. My formerly clean table was a mess!

Another problem with taking pictures in the snow is how dark it is outside this time of year. 
Sometimes I take pictures on the night setting, even during the day, so that the exposure is better.

I hope everyone is managing to stay safe in this ferocious weather!

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