Friday, May 17, 2019

Tis the Season Part Dress

I have been wanting a fancy red dress for Meritaten.

When the Tis the Season Party Dress came on sale, I snapped it up.

For those unfamiliar, Meritaten is a Cecile custom, and in my house, she wears All the Fancy Things.

This is a very fancy dress.

To me, there is nothing that makes this dress specially Christmassy, except the colors. It's even short sleeved!

There is no reason you couldn't wear this to the ballet or the opera year round.

It came with snowflake shoes and a matching purse that do not really match the dress.

I put those aside.

I also ignored the bejeweled red headband.

I put some black flats on her instead.

I like this dress. I like the velvet, pleated skirt, the jewels on the bodice, and the sort of draped fabric on the bodice.

I am quite pleased with this addition to the collection, especially at sale price.

AG does need to make some green Christmas dresses, though. Just for a change of pace.

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